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The Librarian's Revenge ©

An Odyssey Into The Wonderful World Of Words

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Anne D.Posted by Anne D. 30 Jul, 2009 10:01AM

"i hate my mum!" i shouted into the empty, burned forest. i picked up a stick and wave it around in the air, it made a satisfying sound. BANG! i hit a tree. then something blinded me "cool!" i climbed up the tree and saw that it was a pair of red glittery baseball boots i kikked of my holey, muddy old trainers and put on the red glittery converse.woosh.

"where am i." i asked no one "that sucks!"

"h h hello, i i i'm ch ch char charlie." i looked at charlie for a moment.

"where am i i was in cleves forest a moment ago i'm not there now am i?" charlie looked at me dumdfounded. "are you stupid or something." i said getting anoyed

"no of corse i'm not. i've just magicly apeared here!" i said srcasticly. i looked at charlie he wore futureistic clothes and a floppy hat. he looked down at my shoes then i did too. "what?" i asked "what there just shoes."

"where did you find them?" charlie asked

"in my bedroom." i said

"really?" he asked

"yup." i said

"no you didn't." he argued "there bob shoes."

"what is he gay or something." i said sarcasticly

he looked at me suddenly scared "how do you know that? don't tell anyone please don't."

"i won't." i said slowly "why?" i asked

"because they'll get you?" charlie said

"who's 'they'" i asked