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Silent Angel

Alicia BeavisPosted by Alicia Beavis 15 Jul, 2009 02:11PM

A thunderous scream tore through the silence that engulfed the place as a woman was sent flying across the empty room. The thick, wooden table spilt into two at the force of her slender body slamming into it. She should have, at the least, broken a few bones, but she staggered to her feet. Blood was everywhere.

The woman had blazing blue eyes, so dark they could've been mistaken for black. The magic that she possessed was almost visible as the light hit her eyes, and made them change colour so much, it was hard to believe they were the same eyes a few seconds ago. Her bright, honey coloured skin complimented her thick black hair that was waving gently past her face, as a soothing breeze passed through the room. A deep voice was laughing and a man swaggered into the room with an evil grin plastered over his face.

"Looks like it's time to kill you, then your daughter. Would you like me to tell you what I'm going to do to her?"

"You bastard I will kill you before I let you hurt her!"

"Looks like I will kill you right now, then what will you do? I'm gonna break each of her bones individually. One bone at a time. Maybe I should keep you alive for now so you can hear her screams." A sickening laugh emanated from him, she flinched in disgust at the sound.

"Maeve, just give up. Let me have your power and put your own suffering to an end."

"Why? Don't tell me the big bad Reuben is getting tired of the chase."

"Play time is over."

Reuben plunged his hand into her chest and, happily, with a smile on his face, ripped her heart out. Her body slumped onto the floor, into as bloody mess.

Suddenly a purple and white light formed a circle just above her chest where her heart used to be, and Reuben stepped back in confusion. Never had this happened to him before. By the time he could re-focus that strange light had passed through the room, and glided out of the window. Nobody knew where it had gone, once he'd gotten to the window it had disappeared, an uncontrollable anger consumed him. He wanted her power more than anything and now it was gone from him, forever.

Chapter 1

Sweat poured off her brow as regular bursts off screams and shouts, joined the already busy sounds of the hospital. Heavy panting came as the doctor frequently requested that Eleanor push.

"I am! Can I get some more pain relief? This whole birth is truely painful." Her eyes were wandering around the room looking for the answer rather than waiting to hear it.

"You've already had enough, we don't want you to give you too much whilst you're giving birth, now do we?" The helpful nurse kindly replied, with a hint of humor in her voice at the sound of request she had so often recieved.

It had been four hours since her waters had broke, but it already felt like a lifetime, but now it was time. Time to give birth.

"C'mon, not long now." The doctor shouted above her screams.

He had thick, tidy, light brown hair with skin was so cool, it matched his personality perfectly. His skin was slightly tanned, not quite pale. His dark brown eyes were his most prominent feature, so dark yet so bright. A plain white shirt with with a blue and black striped tie, hugged his small yet muscular body, and his simple black trousers emphasised his small legs. He was called Dr. Davies.


Thirty minutes later and finally the birth was over, the baby was taken away, screaming and shouting like it's mother had not so long ago. Eleanor was happy, hearing the noises coming from her child meant it was, at least, alive and kicking, and pretty healthy from the sound coming from those two small lungs. A smile creapt across her face. She'd done it, she'd given birth to her little child, through everything she'd been through she's done it. Eleanor was just wishing that the child's father was here, that he could see this and know that his child was safe, but he was gone, never to come back. A mixture of tears of happiness, and tears of sadness poured down Eleanor's face; Her child was alive, her lover, the father, was dead.

In an instant everything changed, Eleanor was frozen in horror as a purple and white light entered the room, it was heading for her child. Her stomach dropped, what was happening. The doctor and nurses stood there with horror evident on there faces as it moved closer and closer to the child. No-one could move, they couldn't protect this young child from this light because no matter how much they willed themselves to move, they couldn't.

The childs screams came to an abrupt halt as it seemed to absorb the light. They could move again and they all rushed over. Eleanor tried but they wouldn't let her move from the bed, it seemed like an eternity had passed but it had only been a minute. The screams started again, it seemed to calm Eleanor, she knew her child was still alive. The doctors and nurses checked the child, thoroughly to make sure it was okay. Ten minutes later the nurse wandered up to Eleanor, child in hand.

"Congratulations, you've got a little girl. Don't worry we check her over and she's fine, nothing at all wrong with her, but what was that?"

"I-I don't know." She was speechless, this beautiful child was hers, and the child was okay.

Eleanor snatched the child from the nurse after whispering, softly, her 'thank-yous' to everyone. She looked into two dark blue eyes and knew her baby was special, she'd seen those eyes before. They were her mothers, Méabh, and they were her grandmothers, Maeve. Two people who were very 'special' in ways Eleanor knew she wasn't, but she never knew exactly what made them so 'special'. Eleanor wasn't like them so she wasn't allowed to know anything about it, she knew they didn't want it to be like that and it was for her own safety but what would Eleanor do now? Her daughter was special like them but they were all gone, it was only her and her daughter. How was she going to know how to deal with everything, when she didn't understand it?

Eleanor forgot her worries for a moment as, for the second time, she stared into her babies eyes.

"Méabh" that was all that escaped her lips.

The name that would be her daughters, forever now.