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Freedom (Poem)

Alicia BeavisPosted by Alicia Beavis 15 Jul, 2009 02:10PM
This is just my point of view on things. It needs to be re-names so any suggestions & criticisms welcomed. Oh and it is a bit long.

Slaves encaged in pits of darkness,
Wondering how can people have been so heartless?
Causing almost insurmountable damage to our own kind.
Maybe a different colour, but not to see our own kind, you'd have to be blind.
That's when I realised this world ain't what it seems,
Filled with pain and suffering something we deem,
Unspeakable, chained within our minds to be kept from truth.
The people that see are fought against, outlawed and treated with disrespect.
We have to open our eyes and connect.
Get rid of this hate, pity and fear.
Move this world on, listen and hear!

I'm holding on to this feeling of freedom 'cause that's all I have left.
Taking away our own happiness, in a way similar to theft.
Stealing eachothers hopes to achieve in their lives.
Hiding behind the guns, the threats and the lies.
We'd rather be buying, lying and watch others crying,
Than to stand and fight, protect what's right.
It's time we got rid of this bullshit.
Governments only there to steal what they can get.
Cashing in on the social misfits.
We need to come together and commit,
Commit to the future we all share,
Read between the lines and leave the truth laid bare.
Hold on to our freedom 'cause that's all that's real,
Get on with life and let others feel what they feel.

The Burma monks being imprisoned and killed,
To get their lives and promises fulfilled.
They stood up for what was right,
But now they can't go out at night,
'Cause they don't know if they're gonna come back,
They don't know if they're gonna be fine or attacked.
All this goes on and what are we doing,
Sitting here complaining while their lives are in ruins.
Politics standing, watching with a smile on his face,
The way the worlds working is such a disgrace.
So hold on to your freedom while we still have it and you can,
'Cause you don't know someone's gonna come along and it will be banned.