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The Librarian's Revenge ©

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Notes on The Librarian's Revenge [under construction]

INFORMATIONPosted by Leif Ahnland 24 Apr, 2009 10:57AM

Note: This is a drafted idea for who and what the protagonist of the librarian's revenge could be. There are also some ideas for timeline and setting. It is up for revision, please comment.

Character portait: The Librarian is so far the character that will provide, in a passive way, the narrative. He is a man, about thirty years old when the story begins. He does not yet have a name and possibly should remain nameless. He or The Librarian might do just fine. Right now his personality is pretty much undeveloped.

It is pretty obvious that he is sketched on something similar to myself, I apologise for that but it just started out that way. I am open to any objections or suggestions for alteration. For example, He could be a She which would obviously change things but I think it is a good thing that He is a He as school librarian's tend to be Shes. I will for now refer to the librarian as a he/she. (On the other hand, there should of course be more people working in the library so there is plenty of room for equally important, protagonist Shes.) As the story picks up speed, he/she will hopefully evolve into something interesting, developing a personality and idiosyncrasies of his/her own.

Setting: As you will have understood the setting is a library and surroundings. At the most the physical movement of the characters should be extended to the city. Many of your stories will be set abroad or even on other planets and in other dimensions so we should keep a low profile when it comes to C.W. Hewett's story.

Timeline: Because this project will function like... eh... a fruit? An onion? Something with layers anyway. A proposal for the external timeline if you follow me - the one including the editors - is this: C.W. Hewett finishes his/her manuscript in 1948 and it is 'posthumously' published in 2084. The dates are chosen because George Orwell published his classic dystopic 1984 in 1948. Tell me what you think. The 'internal timeline' - the one in C.W. Hewett's own text - starting with some undefined present day which should be realistic and similar to our times - i.e. climate change, hardships and wars and trouble. Gloom is good for stories. Perhaps somewhat absurd but believable. As it unfolds, time passes and could make the story function like a historically accurate account of the 21st century. I hope you like this idea.

Also, because of the scope and timeline of the story as it looks now, as it begins he/she is probably between 25-35, otherwise he/she won't last until when he/she finishes the book. Possibly he/she could be a very old man/woman by then and therefore older when the story start.

Perspective: At the moment - barring mistakes - the story is written in the third person perspective and past tense from the prologue onwards. Sometimes it might make sense to have the librarian write a letter or diary entry (or blogpost or similar) in the first person perspective. Since your stories will shift a lot in style and content and genre, it is probably a good idea to keep the librarian's story pretty steady and not too fragmented.