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Connor - A description

Joe PearsonPosted by Joe Pearson 09 Jul, 2009 11:09PM

The task: Write a character description of somebody in the creative writing club.

I chose Connor, who talks very fast.

I also cheated a bit, sorry guys. ;)

Captain Borealis had piloted his spaceship to the furthest corners of the universe, from the distant reaches of the Medusa Cascade to the mythical crystal fields of the Planet Crock Tor, yet all of those places were nothing compared to the landscape he now found himself traversing.

The forest was thick, dense and disturbing. The trees, or plants, or whatever they were, were black as night, and wavy, with smooth, barkless trunks. They grew from the spongy pink soil in a distinct pattern, becoming tangled and incomprehensible from one another the higher they grew. Borealis’ ship slipped soundlessly amongst the growths, over the crest of the hill that the forst had grown around. Just as he thought he would be lost in the blackness forever, Borealis saw the light of day and emerged onto an open plain. The pink ground extended as far as the eye could see, unblemished apart for a distant mountain, looming over the horizon. It was towards this mountain that Borealis began to head, hovering silently over the ground, the thick black forest disappearing behind him.

As the mountain loomed nearer, Borealis contemplated the bleakness of the landscape, the desolation and the emptiness which surrounded him.

Once the spacecraft reached the barren outcrop, Borealis saw two great caverns carved into the mountainside.

“Perhaps in these caves,” Borealis thought, “I will finally find life in this desolate place.”

The cavern was dark and dank. Borealis’ computers registered increased levels of moisture. As he peered into the blackness, he could see what looked like a different type of plant, some sort of moss or mould, green and sticky, that coated the cavern walls, as well as more of the strange black growths from the forest.

Suddenly, the daylight disappeared and the cavern was plunged into complete blackness. A sheer mass of the pink earth cascaded into the opening, pushing Borealis’ spaceship into the very back of the cave. To his horror his craft became stuck to the sticky green walls and one by one the instruments on his dashboard began to blink out.

As suddenly as the daylight disappeared it was back, and Borealis watched in awe as the entire world he has been traversing flashed past him in an instant.

Little did Borealis know, but Connor was not the pick-it-and-flick-it kind of guy. He was more of an eater.

Borealis’ greatest adventure was yet to come.