The Librarian's Revenge ©

The Librarian's Revenge ©

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the librarians death

C.W. Hewett's TLRPosted by Mary D. 09 Jul, 2009 08:01PM

The axe glinted in the middle of the alcove the sun filtered on to the crazed eyes of the unshaven face. The librarian, his coruroy jacket covering his shaking arms: ran. His tail flaps flapped in the wind as he ran towards the crowded office, the candle flickered and longated the shadows. He hid in the corner, hoping the imposter would pass him by.

He didn't, the figure strided into the secluded office, his dark eyes penetrating the darkness. All of a sudden they rested on the quaking book keeper, then with a rush of addrenaline the axe swung. BAM!

The librarian fell of the tattered sofa and onto the wooden floor. His head throbbed, he put his hand on his temples. The librarians glasses sat on the table, he picked them up and put them on. he looked at the clock, 5:40. another two and a half hours until it was time to open up. he sighed and drunk his water, but something was wrong. there was a burning senstion in his throat, acid. And with that thought like a shadow on his mind he garbled his last breath," kathy". And the light were extinguished from his eyes forever.