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the wedding in the libary

Anne D.Posted by Anne D. 06 Jul, 2009 04:15PM

i had to pick 4 things a place, an object, a person and an event i got a shady stranger, a libary,a wedding and a bubble machine. so heres my story enjoy!!!

a shady stranger dressed in white. the dress was in latest fashion, so beatiful

"eehh!" the vicar suddenly said "is this a ,gay wedding!"

"yes." gay spiderman replied he was also wearing a dress in the latest fashion.

the libary had bean decorated in white ribbons and pink bows. "the congegration looks pleased!" the vicar noted "why is there no one in the congegration?"

the black shady character answered this or batman "well, no one likes us and er we have been baned from every church in the world.

"the world!" the vicar said in shock

"lets get on with the wedding. we are gathered here today to bear, do you mind if i go straight to the vowles?"

" thats fine." they said reluctuntly

"do you batman dog doo bob flower take gay billi- jo spiderman to be you lover for as long as you live?"

"i do!" batman replied

"and do you gay billi-jo spiderman take batman to be you partner?"

"i do." spiderman said

"you may kiss the bride." he looked away as they kissed trying desperatly not to show his disscused.

"do you mind?" batman said passing him a bubble gun

"no." the vicar said as he blew some bubbles "happy wedding!"

suddenly he ran out of the libary