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the shadows are alive

Stephanie W.Posted by Stephanie W. 29 Jun, 2009 04:45PM

The shadows are ALIVE

It was a long time ago when it all happened. The thing was terrible, how ended up without a shadow. It was a horrible moment and it will scare me for life. I will tell you it all from the beginning, well. It was about five years ago, I was about nine and I was sobbing my way to my best mate’s house Anne, After hearing that my mum and dad are getting a divorces, my mum always says it is weird for a boy to have a girl as best friend, for a girlfriend yeah but not for a friend. I had found out about the horrible news by listening through the paper-thin walls. When I arrived at the door I could hear a voice calling from behind me I didn’t look at first because it was just a faint noise but the second time it was like a scream a very high but low scream, it nearly made me make the same high noise. With my eyes closed I zoomed around, I wiped the tears from my eyes, I was to scared to cry, opening my eyes I could still hear the noise but when my eyes were completely open I could saw nothing, nothing. I sore I was all alone and that made my think of my mum being all alone, it nearly made me cry until herd the same sound