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The Librarian's Revenge ©

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Crime busting girls

Lauren D.Posted by Lauren D. 25 Jun, 2009 07:43PM

Misson 1- Part 2

They start climbing the rope ladder, it is quiet high up, about 30 metres from the ground the first obstcule is a typerope with handrail

"here i go" Lauren said nervously smiley

"good luck" Wished Anne

Lauren start to go across the typerope, Hannah and Anne are cheering her on, she stumble,"you're almost there" Go on you can do it" She can here from behind her, lauren recovers. A Few more step and she makes it to the platform on the other side, Next hannah sets off across the precarious bridge. At first hannah's a bit uncomfatable she a bit wobbley. " Try to stay up right if you lean to far forward or back you will lose your blance" Shouted Lauren helpfully Hannah make across safely next is the clumbist of the group, Anne. She starts off well, when she reachs the middle. The rpope snaps catching anne totally unaware. Anne is clinning on to the rope Which she once had her feet on. She is clinning on to it for dear life. And Anne is loosing her grip.....