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The Librarian's Revenge ©

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blossom orphan!

Ocean MayPosted by Ocean May 23 Apr, 2009 08:33PM


I wanted to start the journey as soon as possible, I wanted to make my escape to explore this crazy, hideous world, but at the same time the most wonderful, beautiful thing ever invented, so I started to get ready to go into the world.

But I had to stop preparing and stuff all my things I had laid out ready for my trip, for at that moment Rusty cam in dragging her feet behind her. Rusty is another foster child but unlike me, she now’s what she wants and how to get it. Her hair is rusted red, which should explain the nickname, her eyes always full of happiness was now full of thought and sadness. She is petite with a straight down figure and a small dainty mouth that was now set in a determined line.

I watched the girl sit at the edge of the bed, I noticed she picked the side closest to me which she doesn’t normally do. Although rusty is always happy and generous to every one else , she isn’t vary fond of me. The reason that I learn to now for this is vary simple and there is no harm on my side but as far as a reason gose this ones has its sadness, you see a girl with cancer died at this orphanage before I came, , I had taken the place of lulu, who at that time was Rusty’s best friend and some how rusty had found a way to turn it against me.

“I now your going and I want come to” rusty said looking at the purple rag on my floor.

“but Rus…..”I began but Rusty sensing what I was going to say butted in.

“ no I have to go, I need to find them you have to take me with you, you can’t leave me hear all on my own this place is ok but I can’t stay cooped up all my childhood I’m not like all the others you see in this dump, I want to go and make something of my self , and beside if you don’t take me with you I will go.. on.. own.” the last bit Rusty said was muffled with sob’s, but still sensing she hadn’t convinced me to full point she added.” Please I don’t want you to leave me, not yet, I’ll miss you take me with you, please.”

The last please was said with so much feeling and emotion that I had to look away.

I did no more than move my head a fraction for Rusty to be leeping in the air her tine bony arms tightly round my neck tugging at my chestnut hair.

“Owww, let go Rusty it hurts and will you quieten up a little.” I told Rusty. “ now go back to your hide-in and stay in there till I come and get you at around 1am, make sure you have a small rucksack and have lots of sleep.”