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jane's surrow!

Ocean MayPosted by Ocean May 23 Apr, 2009 08:31PM

Jane was sitting, staring into space swaying gently in time to the soft breeze.

Every now and then here eye’s would shut just longer then a blink, and then one’s or twice you could see her chest move up and then her lip’s open slightly as if she was taking a large breath to control herself.

The scone broke in Jane’s mouth, Jane could feel the sweet sensation mould over in her mouth, before she had to swallow and let it all go. Her eyes were fixed on Mary who was sitting and laughing at something or other the hostesses’ son, lord Dilery was muttering to her. A moment later they both rose, they declared some excuse about getting to much sun and left behind the small group of friend’s and the picnic.

Jane could see them lean into each other, lord Dilery’s head tilting a little and then break apart Mary bent over due to laughing.

Jane wished that that would be her happy with whom she got, but so far it didn’t look good on her part. She was engaged to get married in a month or two to lord Bentley the richest man she had ever come across , despite Jane’s furry over it and her protests that she could not go through with it as she nor loved the man nor cared for him in any way.