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The Librarian's Revenge ©

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The Librarian's Revenge - End of May Draft

C.W. Hewett's TLRPosted by Leif Ahnland 31 May, 2009 11:24PM

Hi. What follows is an attempt to define a little more clearly what is going on in The Librarian's Revenge. I have discussed this with some of you already. This post will be added to as we go along. Please think about things connected to the story, such as different outfits the Librarian could wear and who he could meet and what the library looks like and what happens there and and in the outside world and... well, in short, things that could go into the book.

There are already quite a few pages with text that you are welcome to read, propose changes and add to. Ask me for a copy

The Librarian


The editors explain the discovery of the manuscript and some of its intricacies; they discuss the strengths of the text and how it contains books within books. References to for example Italo Calvino's If on a Winter's Night a Traveller.


C.W. Hewett introduces the Zeitgeist of the text and the backdrop against which TLR is played out, a "perfect storm" of different problems faced by humanity. The four horsemen of the APOCALYPSE: War, Famine, Plague and Death. The hope in hopelessness. The setting of the figurative stage: What books are about, the role of a librarian. A description of the generic library. Press the importance of fantasy and imagination.

Book One - Entering the Labyrinth

Summary: The library as it starts out. The decline of society. The first disasters. The ubiquity of communication technology in a world of Solitude. The first books from Pseudocity Press (which are in fact our texts).

Chapter One – The Dawn

Introducing The Librarian. The setting of the physical stage. Description of the actual place: A library in a comprehensive school full with students and staff and sports fields and hallways and rooms and alcoves and staircases and roof and so forth. Large building complex. Outside, the perfect storm of different disasters is brewing.

Discussion: Who loves books and why they are important. Readership. That we use stories to understand the real world.

Texts: Our DICTIONARY definition of for example Book, Library, Librarian etc..

References: Jorge Luis Borges The Library, Dictionaries. Anthologies

The Librarian Around 25 years old when the story starts. Hero. Meek. Unsociable. Filters the world through texts. Often speaks by quoting. Probably called Dewey but thinks of himself as The Librarian. Has an obsessive compulsive disorder kind of relationship to books. Was maybe “born” in a library (or bookshop) where his mother worked. He grew up in a dusty public library's (bookshop's) storage rooms. Autodidact in everything from history to maths. Played by himself and sometimes with the caretaker's dog. Cut small dolls from weeded children's books, read fables to himself. Invented games? Built houses with cardboard boxes and old books. Dresses very boringly and is not very well groomed. Has kissed, had sex, killed, ruled, died, been resurrected, stolen, loved and lost love, explained God and Death and myths, told the history of the world, waged wars and built empires; all this and more through the books he read.

Chapter Two – The New Book

Introducing Balthazar (kid one), Rigmor (kid two) and The Leprechaun. The new book mystery (Suggestion: Andrew the Sausage). Bullying. First hint of Financial crisis. Someone fired?

Discussion: The healing power of stories.


References: C.S. Lewis, old rhymes, the Grimm Brothers.

Balthazar 10 years old. Likes absurd stories. Cries a lot. Calms down when read to. Reminds Dewey of himself when little. Parents lost job, problems...

Rigmor 15 years old. The Reading Rebel. Proactive. Cocky on the outside. Lonely. Maybe a bully sometimes. Strong when it counts. Will later save the library from a fire. Reads anything but especially FANTASY.

The Leprechaun - Wee Willie What at first appears to be a figment of the librarian's imagination is the fairy that appears one evening and causes mischief. The small being becomes a nemesis and will resurface throughout the book. Will function as scapegoat when something goes wrong. The guess that To please Willie, The Librarian will start to set food out which will be gone in the morning. A mystery... Reading up on fairies in books on FOLKLORE and LEGENDS

Subplot: The leprechaun is indeed a person. A small child, 11 years old at most, has hidden in the library because it doesn't want to go home because of his/her parent's bad behaviour. (He or she will probably be a girl.) Further on Willie is detected and the hideout discovered. Sparks a reading of the librarian's own DIARY where we learn that he lived under similar conditions once. In Chapter Four or Five the librarian will learn the truth about Wee Willie who is Marilyn in reality. He will start to take care of her properly but without telling anyone.