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What I want is Facts

EXERCISESPosted by Alex Daniels 21 May, 2009 10:20AM

“Now what I want is, facts...”

The doctor seemed somewhat confused by what Yuikiko had told her, the symptoms that she had described seemed to be referring to some form of poisoning.

“Now is there any reason why anyone would want you dead..?”

“Recently I have found out of my husbands... antics... It is because of this that we are divorcing, I assume that he laced my meal with something in the night.”

“But why..? Why would he do that?”

Yukiko knew deep down why he had done it, he must have found out her plans, the facts... That word, facts... It’s a word that no longer seemed to make any sense.

“... Yukiko, can you hear me?”

“Sorry doc, it just seems... Well maybe he found out what I want to do, how I shall take his empire out from underneath him, strip him of his power and leave him in the gutter!”

“I see... Well obviously the police will have to be informed, and I can prescribe something to ensure you’ll stay alive to see your plans come to fruition.”

“Thank you doc, I could ask for no more.”

Yukiko returned to the train station, intent to get home and prepare the next stage of her revenge, show her husband she was strong. She got the train from twenty-fifth street and sat down ready to return to her home.

She sat on the train thinking, first about her husband, then about the other woman. Suddenly she began feeling ill again. Yukiko’s diahrrea persisted through the twenty-sixth, and was a problem on the way to Tokyo.