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Love is Blind

Kirsty HoathPosted by Kirsty Hoath 23 Apr, 2009 07:48PM

Love. An incredible feeling and yet a burning pain. Love between family. Love between friends.

Love is blind. Female loves male. Male loves female. Female loves female. Male loves male. Yes, love really is blind. Of course, at the time, I didn’t realise how blind.

She was new to our school. Beautiful she was. She was in my year, my form, all of my classes. She looked extra beautiful in those dark glasses that she always wore. Everyone thought it unfair that she was the only one allowed to wear sunglasses during class. I never complained, they just added to her stunning beauty.

Strawberry blonde hair with dyed red highlights. Soft, lightly tanned skin. When she spoke, she spoke with a strong Spanish accent. I had heard, from rumours only, that her mother was Spanish where as her father was English.

During class, she always sat at the back with a helper. I don’t think that she can read.

About two months after the start of term, while she was walking down the corridor, slow and feeling her way, I was walking briskly, I glanced behind me, and looked forward again. I collided with her; a slight scream escaped her lips. Her glasses flew from her eyes and bounced on the floor.

“I’m sorry. I’m so sorry,” I cried.

I bent over, picked up her glasses and held out my hand to give them back to her.

I gave an audible gasp. Her eyes, not a bright blue as I had imagined, but white, both of her eyes were entirely white.

“Your... Your eyes,” I stuttered.

The truth dawned on me.

“You’re blind,” I quietly mumbled so that no one else but her could hear.

She bowed her head and closed her eyes. I hooked my finger under her chin, gently pushing her head back up and returned the glasses to their proper place, hooked over her ears. She shuddered slightly at my touch.

I held out my hand my hand and clenched hers. We shook hands.

“I’m Charlie,” I introduced myself.

“April,” she replied, in a timid voice. “Please don’t say anything, I don’t want people knowing.” She added quickly, mumbling her words.

“People knowing what,” I asked, a little dense.

“About this,” she stated, tapping her lenses.

“Your secret’s save with me,” I reassured her, smiling slightly, aware that she could not see me.

“We are late,” April matter-of-factly stated.

“How do you know?” I questioned.

“When one of the human senses is lost, the other four senses are stronger, counteracting that lose. I hear no footsteps and no one breathing, therefore, I conclude that we are late as this corridor is empty.” April smiled, slightly smugly.

I pulled my eyes from her face at last and glanced around. April was right; we were indeed the only two in this corridor. We were indeed late.

Ms Carron is going to kill us, I thought.