The Librarian's Revenge ©

The Librarian's Revenge ©

An Odyssey Into The Wonderful World Of Words

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Mary D.Posted by Mary D. 19 May, 2009 05:39PM

" well, prince, so genoa and lucca are now just family estates of the bonapartes" i said my cheeks blushing, i was reading war and peace in class, so far we were half way through and i had just read the wrong bit! my teacher sighed, " sit down amanda!" i walked slowly over to my desk, solitary in the corner. all my classes were like this, i was the tall, lanky kid with 2 left feet with hand me down clothes.

i walked home as i always do, alone: the rain dripping of the top of her holey umbrella on to the to of my cold head. i trudged on, my eyes darting left and right to spot anyone from school, yesterday i had rocks thrown at me, i didn't want to repeat that experience again! suddenly i noticed a young on the path, she was lying still and wearing only a strappy top and a mini skirt to keep her warm, i knew at once something was wrong, i got out my brick and called 999.

Then i kneeled by the girl and put took my jacket off to warm her. she murmed in her harsh sleep and suddenlly her eyes fluttered open, " whatt!?" she said, proping herself up with her elbows. " just lie there" i murmed, " i've called an ambulance." and just as i had said i hear the nee-naww just around the corner. As they put the girl on the streacher they asked wether i wantd to come too. i muttered something about being free so i hopped in. i held natalies hand while they checked her over. they wheeled natalie into the ward and i hung about in the waiting room for a bit but after a while i left the hospitle and walked back to the hotel in the rain. i made my way to school after i got a good nights sleep, i had tried to tell my mother about the girl i had saved, but she couldn't care less, as long as long as i gave her a vodka shot to dullen her mind she still knew i was here. The next day at school everyone was being suspusously nice to me, then fanny came up to me and hugged me, " you saved her," she exclaimed." you are so brave." she could hardly breath with excitement. " what did i do that is so amazing" i retorted," i only called an ambulance!" " but..." fanny faltered " look," she pushed the daily kentish towards me and i saw the picture of natalie looking really healthy, i read the story underneath. 'she saved my life, she has brown hair, thin and lanky and retro clothes , i just want to thank her so much'.

to be continued..........