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The Librarian's Revenge ©

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Martin OakshaftPosted by Martin Oakshaft 18 May, 2009 05:21PM
This is the last of the stuff that i have previously written.... i will need a bit of a mental run-up in order to write a story, but it shouldnt be *too* long - i have some.... *dramatic pause* .... ideas :)

I wrote it so long ago that i dont know *who* it was for - all of my mushy stuff was because of feelings i had at the time for a women (all ex`s now..meh). Reading it again (for the first time in ages), it seems to be another "lost Love" one. As usual, i hope that you enjoy it, and i hope that it somehow "connects" with you....



You remind me of the stars.

Their ageless beauty is breathtaking.

Their light seems so close, my soul reaches upward

Try as I might, I cannot touch them.

Looking into the heavens,

Looking at you

Always there, always shining

The light shimmering in the tears of my heart.