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dolly the dog

Hannah B.Posted by Hannah B. 18 May, 2009 03:58PM

dolly the dog and the confession

dolly woke from a troubled sleep. something was on her mind but she would tell no one.

you may already know this but dolly was a thief and she was planning to rob a local bank, but first she had to get ready. she changed out of her pajamas and into her robber outfit : black leggens, black top, black jumper and black trainers. she lay a black sack marked swag on her bed and went downstairs for breakfast. that morning she ate a big breakfast, she always ate loads when there was some thing on her mind. for breakfast she had three slices of bacon, two eggs, four sasauges and five ecstacy tablets(she also smoked two peices of canabis that were meant as a presant for her mother.) dolly ran upstairs and grabed her sack.

when she got back from her days work hersister was waiting for her, dolly hid her, now quite full, sack under her pillow. dolly's sister was called nancy, nacy told her that she knew somthing was wrong, but not what was wrong. it took a while for dolly to beleive that this was her sister and not a police woman in discise. when dolly finaly started to open up to her sister it was a bit emotional. tears were everywhere, and i mean everywhere. house was almost flooded by the time nancy found out it was something from dollys child hood coming back in to her mind and coursing so much distress. dolly said " when i was ten years old i did something, something i could never make up for. I stole something from our mother and I could never forgive myself for it."

"what, what did you steel"

" i i i i i stole a a a p p p peny from mums purse.........................

two days later nancy was in prison for attmpted murder. only one statement was issued to the press. " I tried to kill her because that was a special penny that penny was a shiny one."