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Libity Daylights like never before

EXERCISESPosted by Kirsty Hoath 23 Apr, 2009 07:26PM
· Choose two random facts from the book ‘BLABLABLA - Something to talk about when you don’t have anything to talk about: 600 completely pointless facts’.

· Write a short story in twenty minutes incorporating both facts.

"The crook in Libity Daylights (James Bond) Max Zorik, should of been played by David Bowie"

"There are geese that herd sheep"


The scene danced in front of my eyes. Screeches were heard deafeningly loud. I probably should of lowered the volume, but my mind was to fixed on the images and sounds it was prossesing to order my arm to move and my hand to grasp the remote and my fingers to press the tiny buttons, so instead, i just sat, transfixed on the abnormally large television set in front of me.

My heart began to race as David Bowie stepped into the action that was happening in front of the multiple cameras. Within a flash, a gun was drawn.

"We meet again Mr Zorin," the sharp-tongued voice of the hero-of-the-show said. Hero-of the show! Ha yeah, right.

"And the last time I think you'll agree Mr bond."

A shot fired. Blood flowed freely from the gapping wound in the man's right hand torso. He coughed, sounding harsh as blood exited his mouth.

He should of died almost instantly. Bond wasn't normal. His heart was situated, not to the left but to the right of his chest. Maybe the bullet had impacked itsel into Bonds 21st rib. Or maybe...

The tv turned itself off, along with every other electrical appliance in the house.

Damn, powercut, I thought angrily.

I glanced out of the large french doors into the many acres of farmyard that I was proud to call my home.

A smile grew on my face. The geese were back, terrifying my sheep as they were rounded up and marched in to the enclosure. A laugh escaped my lips as the enclosure gate crept closed