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Knives & Onions

EXERCISESPosted by Alicia B. 14 May, 2009 06:57PM

The exercise was to include 3 things you couldn't live without and also include the word onion.

My 3 words were:




Her iPod laid in a pool of it's own broken screen on the wooden floor, blearing out 'Wonderwall' by Oasis. The noise of someone constantly sending messages through MSN, and getting annoyed and demanding a response, something which they weren't going to get, came at almost every second now, as her laptop sat of her large chest-of-drawers. The duvet, once white, was now blood stained by the lifeless body that rested there. It was her, Isabelle Watts.

A large kitchen knife was stuck in her, and oddly enough, an onion was the only thing seperating the knifes handle from her chest; just where her heart was. Her face was frozen in horror; her dark brown eyes were open wide and still bright. Trickles of blood oozed from her mouth and her long blonde hair was swimming in a pool of blood. Her body was twisted in her last contortion of pain. A hand reached for the knife and wrenched it out. Spurts of blood went everywhere.

"Damn, that was the last onion. I was looking forward to eating that. Well maybe if I wash it?"

He was rambling on. What a lunatic he was.