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dolly the dog

Hannah B.Posted by Hannah B. 14 May, 2009 04:18PM

dolly the dog and the killing spree

dolly had just read a news paper about murderer. he killed his best friend, but his friend had begged to be left alive . he wasnt. but this murderer was in the papers, he was famous. dolly wanted to be famous. she had an idea. ten miniutes later she was knocking on the door of andrew the sasauge. " come in i m in the kitchin " she forgot that doors open, she was suddenly standing in the living room, after hacking her way through the door. andrew walked in to the room " oooooooooooooo i like your axe"

" would you like a closer look " without waiting for an anser she did the same to andrew as she did to the door. ten miniutes and a blood curderling shreik later she was looking for the paperazi. she couldnt find them so she whent home to have a cup of tea. she decided this was not working so she came up with another idea. ten miniutes latershe was in the town square but she needed to find a crowd ,there was one out side the forum. within seconds she was in the middle of it and she was stripping. she thought it would make her famous, but it didn't quite do that. it made her infamouse