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Life as we know it - chapter 1

Kirsty HoathPosted by Kirsty Hoath 14 May, 2009 02:11PM

Monday 8th October 2074

The smell of rotting flesh fills the air. Nausea fills up who ever smells it. Even though it is mid-day, the streets are dark. It may be the middle of summer but the streets are still dank and cold. A figure pulls a cloak around itself tighter. There was no evidence to show whether the figure is male or female or how old they are. They turned sharply, they must have heard something.

"I’m glad to see that you finally arrived, I thought that you would never get here," a very feminine voice says. A woman steps out of the shadows. She has strawberry blonde hair and bright blue eyes. Soft and delicate skin. The other person raised their hand to cup the woman’s face. This persons hood falls, revealing a 5"6 man. His hair is black and thick. His eyes, a dark gray.

"Of course I came, my sweet," The man says letting out a deep, very masculine voice. He leans in, both his and her lips touch. He wraps his arms around her waist and she wraps herself around his shoulders, pulling him in close. Their kiss is passionate, sending shivers down both of their spines.

"I love you so much," He manages to say between deep embraces.

"I love you too," she replies, lacking confidence.

He pulls away but still holds her by the waist.

"What’s wrong?" He asks.

She stares at him, her eyes twinkling but full of mischief. She smiles.

"There is something I have to tell you. No, let me speak," She says as he tries to interrupt. "I love you, yes but there is something I love more. Power. And the best way for me to obtain power is for me to obtain what is in your inside pocket."

He steps back, losing all contact with her and letting his arms drop to his sides.

"How do you know of that," He asks, his voice full of seriousness and his face exposing hints of worry.

"There isn’t much my family doesn’t know," She spits, and takes a step towards him.

A light glitters in his eye. He glances down and sees that she holds a small, yet sharp knife.

His face turns white and fear shot through his eyes. With lightening speed, her knife is in and out of his upper chest. He collapses. He tries to gasp for breath, but fails. He coughs up blood and splutters as it fails to leave his mouth. With a final spasm, all life escapes him.

The female bends down and her hand goes into his inner jacket pocket. She withdraws it and within her grasp is an unusual looking device. It is slightly larger than a golf ball and silver, metallic in colour with hints of a rusty brown.

She cups his cheek, "I do love you," she murmurs.

She stands and walks off down the deserted streets.

Tall, seven storey buildings are built parallel to the street that she walks down. People would probably see what is that she did, yet they would never say anything. Fear grips every member of this neighbourhood. The fear that their families could be killed because of a single look that is misinterpreted. That’s how dangerous this neighbourhood can be.