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My life poem.

Rosie P.Posted by Rosie P. 16 Oct, 2010 10:23AM
My life is like a story,
All filled up with events,
Lots of things have happened,
It's hard to stay content,

My life is like the sky,
It changes quiet alot,
From baby-blue to the darkest dusk,
So i just loose the plot,

My life is like a fairy tale,
With secrets all around,
Add a handsome price,
And you won't want to leave the ground,

My life is like a butterfly,
Unique in it's own way,
Includes people that just don't understand,
Yet has people who obey.

FAKE(a poem)

Rosie P.Posted by Rosie P. 16 Oct, 2010 10:22AM
Is the girl wearing foundation,
Make-up pad in the station,

Is the guy twisting the truth,
Sitting at the photo booth,

Is all around me,
Not something everyone can see.

The START of another poem(Animals)

Rosie P.Posted by Rosie P. 16 Oct, 2010 10:21AM
Animals are a.m.a.z.i.n.g,
My favorite is the cat,
I have my own one of these,
Rosie; My cat is black-(and white..)

Animals are fascinating,
Some can even change color,
From cream to green, I think you'll find,
When sick, So is my brother.

This one isn't finished yet :P

My heaven.

Rosie P.Posted by Rosie P. 16 Oct, 2010 10:20AM
In my heaven,
I would like,
A fur-real teddy,
And a brand-new bike.

My bike would shine,
A blue like the sky,
Just like when i'm riding,
My life would pass by,

In my heaven,
I would own,
The perfect puss,
And a dog with a bone,

My dog would be white,
Like the thickest snow,
And as for my kitten,
Would have a cherry-red bow,

In my heaven,
I would wish,
For a fabulous future,
For my beautiful fish,

That would be brilliant,
My fish could be free,
A whirl-wind of adventure,
And a green-like sea,

In my heaven,
There would be no wars,
Just fun. Laughs and stories,
With no time to pause.


Benjamin S.Posted by Benjamin S. 23 Sep, 2010 08:08AM

Never dump someone you love, not for someone else or just because you hardly ever see them. keep who you love and dont let them go because you only ever love one person in your life, and you cant do anything to stop loving them. dont bottle it up, scream it to the world and if they deny you, you cant deny the fact that you're in love.

Been a while...

Martin OakshaftPosted by Martin Oakshaft 12 Sep, 2010 11:55PM

*this is Mark (Martin Oakshaft)*

Um.. Yeah. Sorry.

Been ages since I have written anything, longer still since I have posted.

I hadn’t realised that I never posted more of my Dark Mark story - or Resurrection, for that matter - so here is another "bit" of Dark Mark and Hardcore Sam.

it does not follow in sequence because unlike Resurrection, I am writing chapters (or "parts") as I think of them, with the thought of putting them in some kind of order and "filling in the blanks" as I finish the story (if I ever do!).

So ill shut up now and let you get on with reading it. Comments/critique gladly accepted. Praise even more so smiley

Crazy Icelanders

Mark dragged himself painfully to his feet and stared mournfully at his bike. It lay on its side, battered and warped. The front wheel had buckled slightly and was slowly spinning, making a tortured squeak as it scraped against the forks.

With a resigned sigh he slowly turned and looked back at the way he had come. A massive dust cloud swirled through the heat haze of the plain. The vehicles were gaining rapidly and Mark realised that he was going to die. The rabble that had chased him definitely would not let him live now, not after all the mayhem he had caused. His only regret was that he wouldn’t be able to say goodbye to Sam. He hoped with all his heart that his distraction had helped her to escape.

Grunting painfully, Mark searched for his backpack. Like him, it had been thrown clear and was lying several feet away. He limped towards it and unstrapped his rifle from the side of the pack. After checking that his gun wasn’t damaged he rummaged within the pack and took out the last of his ammunition and the rifles powerful scope... Dark Mark was determined to go down fighting. He owed Sam that much, at least.

The dust cloud was getting closer and Mark could see vague blobs at the head of it. Not much time left. With a calmness that he did not feel, Mark attached the scope to the rifle and took position behind his bike. He knew that it would not provide much protection as the pursuers could simply run right over him and turn him into a thin red smear on the plain. The bike did, however, provide a stable platform for his rifle to rest on and should protect him from returning gunfire. Mark stared down the scope and forced himself to relax. He wanted to take as many of the bad guys out before they squished him.

“I’m sorry I failed you, Sam” he whispered to himself. The image in the scope blurred briefly as the thought of losing his best friend brought a prick of tears to his eyes. Sniffing, he wiped them away and peered through the scope again.

As the mob came closer Mark realised that one car was accelerating way ahead of the others. It would be his first target. As it came closer, details became clearer and despite everything, Mark thought that it was a rather cool looking vehicle. Like all the others on this cursed planet, it looked like a jury-rigged machine, cobbled out of whatever scrap that could be found. It was very basic in shape, and looked like a massive dune buggy. It had a short, low oblong body and seemed to have a roll cage made up from bent scaffolding poles. All of this was supported by a truck-like chassis and it rode on massive balloon tires that stuck out on either side.

Taking a steadying breath Mark tried to aim at the driver. The buggy was bouncing wildly and he had to wait till it came closer to be sure of a one shot kill. His rifle twitched in his hands and he gasped as he saw who was behind the wheel.

“Sam!” he cried.

With her plaits streaming in the wind Sam was driving like a demon possessed. Overjoyed, Mark leapt to his feet and waved. Sam saw him and altered course. In true Sam-like fashion she waited till the last moment before slamming on the brakes and power sliding to a halt, kicking up more dust. She looked up at Mark and shouted over the burbling V8 engine “hey handsome, want a ride?”

Choking on the dust Mark managed to croak “you are alive!!". I thought that they had killed you!”

“Well I… we… wont be alive for much longer keep standing there gawking! C’mon lets go!

Mark hastily grabbed his rifle and backpack and leapt into the buggy.

“Hang on!” yelled Sam as she revved the engine “this is going to get bumpy!” Mark had just enough time to grab the side of the roll cage before Sam floored the accelerator. Mark nearly swallowed his tongue as the buggy surged forward.

Sam was not lying, the ride was bumpy and Mark desperately hung on. He risked a quick glance behind and saw through the dust that the other vehicles had gotten a lot closer. He could make out the sneering faces of the driver and passengers of the lead vehicles. They all had guns but were not even aiming them. Confused, Mark tried to tell this to Sam, but the buggy was bumping so much over the rough terrain, all he could manage was “Garrrk!” glancing back again, he briefly locked eyes with the driver of the lead vehicle and saw a huge grin appear on his face. The driver nodded to him and pointed ahead. Mark whipped his head round and stared in horror at what was rapidly approaching.

The shoreline of a massive lake.

Sam had seen it too. She had been hoping that it was just a mirage caused by the heat haze on the dusty plain, but as she got closer, her worst fears were realised. She looked left and right and was dismayed to see that the lake stretched for miles in both directions. They were trapped and there was no way they could turn left or right without being flanked by the horde spread out behind them. There was only one option left and Sam grinned to herself. She had a cunning plan.

As the buggy sped onto the floodplain of the lake the ride became a lot smoother. No longer flung about like a rag doll, Mark turned to Sam and yelled “what are we going to do?” Sam just smiled at him and reaching out she flipped a switch bolted to the Spartan dashboard of the buggy. Confused, Mark looked at the dash and saw a wire leading from the switch. The wire trailed down and disappeared under his bucket seat. Mark stuck his head between his legs and peered under the seat, only to sit bolt upright with a hiss of panic. He had seen that under his seat was a big fat cylinder of nitrous oxide.

He noticed then that there was a dial on the dashboard. It was simply labelled `NOX`, its needle was rising through the green section and making its merry way towards the red. Eyes wide with fear, Mark started to gibber incoherently.

“Oh don’t be such a baby”, laughed Sam. “I know what I’m doing”

“Bu… bu… bu…” Mark stammered pointing to the dial and then to the lake ahead.

“Yes, dear,” replied Sam patiently “we are going to drive across the lake”. Seeing Marks expression she continued “I saw a programme on it once. There were a bunch of crazy Icelanders who raced their buggies across water. It seems rather simple, really. These kinds of tires…” Sam pointed at the blur of black rubber “… have treads that almost act like scoops, a bit like what you see on a paddle steamer. Only smaller. Obviously”.

She briefly glanced over at Mark and saw him staring at her with utter horror as what she was planning to do sank in.

“No, really.” She continued encouragingly and pointed to the gauge on the dash “the nitrous oxide should give us more than enough power and this baby will simply aquaplane over the water, no problem!”

Saying that she reached out again and her finger hovered over a big red button. Before Mark could stop her she screamed “Here we go!!” and jabbed the button. Mark thought that the engine was loud before, but as soon as Sam hit the button, it shrieked. The buggy lurched forward and almost doubled its speed. “Warp 10, captain!!” Sam yelled hysterically.

The buggy’s massive tires dug in to the soft earth and sprayed a massive “rooster tail” of dust and grit into the air as it hammered towards the waters edge. Sam’s eyes remained focussed on the opposite shoreline, almost half a mile ahead. With a sudden jolt the buggy hit the water.

“It’s working!” Sam screamed over the brutal roar of the engine.

If Mark wasn’t half crazed with terror he would have agreed with her. As it was all he could do was to hang on and pray. His knuckles turned white as he desperately gripped the roll bar. Sam was screaming with pure exhilaration. Mark was just screaming.

The crossing took only a minute but it was one that would remain in Marks memory for the rest of his life. As soon as the buggy hit opposite shoreline, Sam slammed the brakes on and with a flourish skidded the buggy round 180 degrees. Shielding her eyes against the sun and peering across the lake, she could see that the pursuit was over. She could just about make out the vehicles on the other side. It looked like a few had attempted to copy her mad stunt, but it was obvious that those other vehicles were nowhere near as powerful. She cheered as one by one the vehicles that attempted the crossing sank in a plume of spray. Mark and Sam had finally escaped.

Sam cut the engine and let out a jubilant yell. “What a rush!” she cried. Marks groan caught her attention. She looked over to see him trying to climb shakily out of the buggies cockpit. She had to bite back a laugh as he disappeared over the side and flopped to the ground.

“You ok?” she enquired innocently.

Marks hands gripped the side of the buggy and his head came into view as he hauled himself to his knees. He stared into Sams face. Saw her flushed cheeks and shining eyes and managed to mumble “You…. You….”

“Yeah, wasn’t it awesome!” Sam cut in. her nose suddenly wrinkled “and... what’s that awful smell?”

Mark stared balefully at her for a few seconds. He reached into the foot well of the buggy, hauled his backpack out and simply mumbled “M`spare clothes. Need to wash in the lake”.

“Oh my” Sam said to Marks retreating back as he stumbled drunkenly to the shoreline “you were a bit frightened”


once again, editing, punctuation and tenses are probably not correct, but i hope you liked the story.

My first post :)

Martin OakshaftPosted by Martin Oakshaft 09 Sep, 2010 11:02PM

Hello! This is not Mark, he has "lent" me his account until i can get my own. My name is Salla and I love writing all kinds of little stories, though genre-wise I love fiction and fantasy the most. Since I am Finnish, my stories are originally written in finnish and I then translate them into English. I hope that the words and phrases translate ok :)

Behind me

I have to run. Panic! Where did they come from? From over there? From further away? I ran faster, my feet were aching but my paws hit the asphalt lightly and quietly, softly. I jumped high, my leg hit the fence and I felt my skin rip. I kept running and felt their stinging smell. Stench.

The edge of the forest was already at my sight, but to get there, I'd have to get across a wide, open field. I'd be there like an antelope being surrounded by lions. I'd have to be fast and lucky. I almost smiled even though I was scared. I had been very unlucky lately, and I felt pain in my wounded leg.

The last house. In a few seconds I'd be an open target to everything and everyone. I'd have to be stronger. A lot stronger. I concentrated on forgetting about everything that was surrounding me and trusted that my legs would keep running during the transformation. I almost tripped over when I felt my feet changing, they now allowed me to run in an upright position. My front paws lengthened to form arms, but I didn't lose my fur. My skull grew bigger, as did my teeth and my snout. I got plenty of muscles all over my body. My leg wasn't hurting any more, the wound was now only a small scratch, and I was starting to almost enjoy the feeling I had.

I looked around, I saw them behind me. A huge dose of adrenalin was running in my veins. My hands reached to my hips, and met a belt. I had my hunting knife with me, as usual. I carefully drew it from its sheath and slowed down. When I met the edge of the forest, I suddenly turned around to face them. They kept running towards me with a crazy gloom in their eyes. I growled. Bring it on.

A poem :)

Rosie P.Posted by Rosie P. 26 Aug, 2010 05:48PM
My Friend;-Nom-

My friend is a puppet,
who lives on my hand,
She has lots of adventures,
Has joined a band.

My friend is a puppet,
Who dosn't like rain,
She only likes sunshine,
Isn't that a shame.

My friend is a puppet,
Does nothing but linger,
She gets very hungry,


Alicia BeavisPosted by Alicia Beavis 04 Jul, 2010 11:59AM

Part 1: Knives & Onions

Her iPod lay surrounded by a puddle of it’s own broken screen still blaring out ‘Wonderwall’ by Oasis. Sitting on a large chest of drawers was her Laptop: she was still signed into MSN. The duvet, once white, was now bloodstained by the lifeless body that rested there. It was a girl.

There was a large kitchen knife stuck in her and oddly enough an onion was the only thing separating the knifes handle from her chest: just where her heart was. Her face was frozen in horror with two dark blue eyes opened wide and still bright. Thick red liquid oozed from her mouth and swimming in a pool of blood was her long blonde hair. A hand reached for the knife and wrenched it out disturbing the body that now lay slumped against the wall.

Trickles of blood slid down her slender frame.

“Damn that was the last onion, I was looking forward to eating that! Well maybe if I wash it?”

He was rambling on. What a lunatic he was.

Part 2: Knives & Pies

The light refracted off the water and streamed in through the beach houses windows. Blood dripped from the knife residing on the kitchen counter. A devilish grin spread across his face as he stared down at the man’s deformed body lying in front of him. The man he just murdered.

He didn’t have any meat to put into his pie: he’d run out of beef.

“Hmm, I guess I could just use the meat on this man.”

He rambled on to himself as he strategically cut chunks of meat off the man’s body, being careful to remove all the fat then he thoroughly washed a bloodstained onion and cut it into slices to place into the pie.

He took pleasure in watching his oblivious family enjoying their supper. A home made pie he had cooked during the day.

What a twisted man he was.

Part 3: Knives & Blenders

Moonlit ricocheted off the wall illuminating the large living room. A young man was forcefully pinned to the wall by two jagged knives in his chest and lower abdomen. A large gash was cut through his neck with blood sliding down his body onto the carpet. The killer stood with his signature grin plastered on his face. Another kill to add to his tally but he was thirsty, that’s when another menacing idea crept into his mind.

Hurriedly he searched the kitchen for a blender and another knife. After about 10 minutes he found what he was looking for. Wandering with a calm manner about him back into the living room he strolled towards the man’s body and slowly, taking his time, he began to chop off parts of the man’s flesh and place them in the blender.

Eventually he had nearly filled the blender and decided that was enough. Quickly he searched the house for the nearest plug socket, plugged in the blender and patiently waited for the mixture to be diluted enough. He then went back into the kitchen to find a glass, once he found one he poured the mixture in and began to drink.

“Mmm such a delicious treat for all my hard work!”

What a psychopath he was.


More parts to go!

Hardcore Sam and Dark Mark

Martin OakshaftPosted by Martin Oakshaft 23 Mar, 2010 07:56PM

i have been incredibly lax in posting here.. sorry about that,guys.

this is an off-the-cuff story start that i wrote a week or so ago. like my Crop Circle story, this one just popped into my head because a phrase sparked off my imagination.

in my head, this story is a mad max/mangaesque kinda thing. there is also some weird sci-fi stuff too.. mainly in relation to how the characters got into that particular world.

anyhoos... its not thought through fully and can be considered a first draft/brainstorming piece. would be nice to hear what you think of it

Hardcore Sam and Dark Mark

As the setting sun seared through the meagre wisps of cloud, a hot desert like wind gusted gently around two figures. They stood dispassionately amongst the torn and twisted rubble of the metropolis and stared at the burning wreckage in front of them.

Hardcore Sam and Dark Mark…. Two of the survivors from the surreal accident that tore the world apart, they were so different in appearance, yet so similar in mind. Hardcore Sam described herself to her few friends and many more victims as a midget sumo. Dark Mark knew that it was her pain-killing medication that sometimes made her look that way. Hardcore Sam turned her head and looked up at him. He broke his gaze from the wreckage and turned his attention to Sam. Standing at just over six foot, he towered over her, but although the top of her head was midway to his chest, she was undaunted.

Looking at her with affection, Dark mark noted her deep dark eyes and quirky smile. He did not see her as a sumo midget, she was far from that. Petite, yes, sumo-sized, no. His eyes broke contact with hers and roamed down her body, stopping at her small hands which gripped a pair of massive six-shot revolvers.

“nice shooting, Sam” Mark said, drily.

As a reply, Sam simply raised the barrels to her lips and blew away the smoke that came from them….

proposal for BIG project

Vanessa B.Posted by Vanessa B. 15 Mar, 2010 05:06PM

I need ideas on how to take this further. I would like to make this into a long novel, like the librarians revenge sort of length. I dont really have any ideas of timescales yet but I think it would be best if it wasn't one.

This is a very vague sypnosis for my novel, I would appriciate you ideas based on this:

- a woman who is about 16 or 17 and her family are very strong protestants. it is set around the eary years of Mary Tudors reign, but some of the prolougue is before this in the later years of henry 8ths reign when the whole of england of .

- the woman and her family are thrown into a prison, from which they are to be burned at the stake for refusing to reform to catholicism. The story takes place over a few days.

- she is in one cell on her own, and there is royal guards outside of the cell. After a long plight and struggle, she is in the cell but is crying and screaming - like a baby.

- one of the guards is about the same age as her, forced to work in service to the queen of face the same punishment.

- like one of those love at first sight moments, they fall in love, like romeo & juliet. they see eachother accross a crowded room, the whole prdictable love story. they vow through the bars of her cell to get her and her family out of this place.

- like in Dan Browns work, the whole right to the knuckle, the future of humanity depends on it sort of descision, they risk their lives to save their family from being burned at the stake.

- they manage to escape and save their family from death at Marys hands. They all live happily ever after (like a twisted faily tale) and the main woman and get married and kids and all that lardy daa.

first day

Anne D.Posted by Anne D. 28 Jan, 2010 11:42AM

Janet was holding her mums hand. It was her first day of play school, she had butterflies in her stomach and the only thing she wanted to do was cry. Tears began to flood down her face. “Perk up Janet,” her mum cooed, “ you’ll have a brilliant day.” She dried Janet’s tears. Janet looked at the other kids and saw Yamane; she ran off excitedly and joined the other kids.


Tara ShannonPosted by Tara Shannon 20 Jan, 2010 10:16AM

Do you twinkle, little star?
How I wonder where you are?
Cold and hungry with no light?
Sleeping on the street tonight?
Or perhaps a dirty squat?
Are you smoking more than pot?

Tell me please I need to know
It’s just that I do worry so
Call me, call me, little star
Tell me, tell me, where you are
Its been weeks since your last call
It’s been worrying us all

Don't give up your education
Please just give me your location
Homelessness is not a crime
And yes, I know you need your time
But oh, it tears us all apart
Don't you know it breaks my heart?

Twinkle, twinkle, little star
Show me, show me where you are

Old Man

Tara ShannonPosted by Tara Shannon 20 Jan, 2010 10:09AM
Nobody there did stop to greet
That old man walking down the street
His old skin hanging at old bones
So proud, so sure, and yet, alone
So sadly that his sun-bleached eyes
Did glint with wet as he passed by
A hero, home from furious winds
And fumes, and paves where ice had thinned
So that his tired old foot might slip
(Although he bared a wondrous grip)
He risked it all, and all for which
To bring to health his poorly bitch
His one companion now was old
And did not like the weather cold
But still, a man alive from war
In all his glory, come - adore!
How did that figure pass unseen
And walk so slowly through the scene?
Where not a busy head would turn
To greet him on his safe return.

new story

C.W. Hewett's TLRPosted by Harley T. 19 Jan, 2010 03:40PM

i will soon be writing another story this time dedecated to my AMZING most FANTASTIC friend IN THE WHOLE UNIVERSE she is WONDERFUL and this story describes the way we met smiley i have known her for 6 & half years we know alot about each other and we trust each other she is amazing and lovely i neva wanna lose her as a friend again as i did when we moved schools


my reveiw of THE LIBRARIAN'S REVENGE :) enjoy

C.W. Hewett's TLRPosted by Harley T. 19 Jan, 2010 03:27PM

I found that THE LIBRARIAN'S REVENGE was absaloutly amazing and my mum was pleazed to see that i was in the book which i am aslo happy about

i have taken my time to write a reveiw of THE LIBRARIAN'S REVENGE because it is so spectacullar!!!!

i absaloutly love the book even though i only got up to book2

my mum really wants a copy of the book but there arnt many left.

our family friends where also very impressed and they call me a superstar lol

even though i am like totaly NOT!!!!!

when will there be more copys available because i like REALLY WANT THE BOOK ?

if u could reply and tell me i would be well pleased thanks?

and i got tons more storys to go on here so there will be alot of stuff from me

lol i <3 these smileys they total cool

so wish i could go to C.W i really dont want to miss out

Here's my newest story hope ya like it :)

C.W. Hewett's TLRPosted by Harley T. 15 Jan, 2010 09:20PM

The Girl In The Fire Place

By Harley Tedds

It was a dark winters evening and everything was quiet a little girl called Annabel was sitting in front of her nanny’s fire-place she heard a voice a strange little girls voice calling her name “Annabel ANNABEL” it got louder the closer she got to the fire place she gazed closer into the fire-place and saw the face of a little girl call ‘Annie’ who was also know as Annabel she wanted to show Annabel something so she grabbed Annabel’s hand and pulled her into the fire-place.

When her nanny noticed she was gone she looked into the fire-place and saw the face of Annabel looking back at her.

Annabel turned and noticed that she was not in the same house it was old and dirty then Annabel asked “were am I and who exactly are you” there was no reply, the girl who was once there was no longer Annabel turned her head around to see if she saw anything that reminded her in that strange place.

After investigating the house she went back over to the fire-place to see Annie in the arms of her nanny it brought a tear to her eye she was heartbroken and dead inside, Then Annabel realized what had happened the ghost of Annie pulled in Annabel to change over so she was in a paranormal world and Annie was in the real world.

It was dark and damp in the paranormal world it scared her then she heard a voice it was Annie.

She told Annabel “everything’s alright don’t worry I will switch back lives soon I just want to live in the normal world again”

Annabel then heard someone shouting for Annie so she stood up and wiped the dust of her dress and the tears form her eyes.

It was Annie’s best friend she walked up to her and said “Ann u been cryin ain’t ya wot up mate”

Annabel explained the whole thing and Annie’s friend Linda looked into the fire-place and saw Annie she started to cry.

After a year was over Annie wanted to go home back into the paranormal world she tried to reach into the fire place but she couldn’t go through Annabel then realised she wouldn’t be able to go back to her home, her loving grand-ma and her friends she fell to her knees and shouted out with anger.

Annabel’s grand-ma kept on hearing her voice so one day she went over to the fire-place and found poor little Annabel trapped in there so everyday since then her

Grand-ma would go and talk to Annabel and make her feel happy and not alone


smileysmileyHOPE YOU LIKED IT i did :)

the figure

Lauren D.Posted by Anne D. 14 Dec, 2009 05:19PM

Have you ever been on a residential trip? Have you ever seen what appeared to be a ghost? I have I bet you think I’m mad, if you told me this story I probably wouldn’t believe you.

Sunday 17th march

I was dancing around my bedroom celebrating and singing “I’m going on holiday tomorrow, I’m going to spring bank hotel.”

“Shut up darling you need to pack,” my mum snapped

“But I’m exited!” I moaned

“I know, but you don’t want to turn up with half of what you need do you.” She pointed out

“No.” I muttered, I hated it when she was right

Tonight I know that I won’t be able to sleep, I know it.

Monday 18th march

This morning I woke up at 5:30 in the morning and couldn’t sleep. I looked at the paper from yesterday, “murderer escapes” I just put it not really interested.

At school it was really boring because we were waiting just waiting to leave on the coach for age. The journey was long and boring, I just starred out of the window, whilst playing the game “ find the sign first”. I didn’t win though.

When we got there we were told where are rooms were and who we were sharing it with. There, of course were some rules and these were:

1. No boys in girl’s rooms, or girls in boy’s rooms.

2. No eating in the rooms

3. No bad language

4. No impropriate behaviour

And lot of other rubbish rules.

We were on the zip wires this afternoon it was fun. After we had tea, chicken casserole, I didn’t like it.

i heard

Anne D.Posted by Anne D. 09 Dec, 2009 08:48PM

i heard a bird sing a sweet song

i heard a fish bobbing along

i heard a peunguin flapping it's wings

i heard a goldsmith shining a ring

i heard an archer shoot into the sky

i heard a slob eating blueberry pie

i saw

Anne D.Posted by Anne D. 09 Dec, 2009 04:04PM

i saw a pig flying high in the sky

i saw a mirical happen right before my eye

i saw a dog barking at the moon

i saw a baby bouncing on a spoon

i saw a duck with long curly hair

i saw a lampshade hugging a grizzly bear

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