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the figure

Lauren D.Posted by Anne D. 14 Dec, 2009 05:19PM

Have you ever been on a residential trip? Have you ever seen what appeared to be a ghost? I have I bet you think I’m mad, if you told me this story I probably wouldn’t believe you.

Sunday 17th march

I was dancing around my bedroom celebrating and singing “I’m going on holiday tomorrow, I’m going to spring bank hotel.”

“Shut up darling you need to pack,” my mum snapped

“But I’m exited!” I moaned

“I know, but you don’t want to turn up with half of what you need do you.” She pointed out

“No.” I muttered, I hated it when she was right

Tonight I know that I won’t be able to sleep, I know it.

Monday 18th march

This morning I woke up at 5:30 in the morning and couldn’t sleep. I looked at the paper from yesterday, “murderer escapes” I just put it not really interested.

At school it was really boring because we were waiting just waiting to leave on the coach for age. The journey was long and boring, I just starred out of the window, whilst playing the game “ find the sign first”. I didn’t win though.

When we got there we were told where are rooms were and who we were sharing it with. There, of course were some rules and these were:

1. No boys in girl’s rooms, or girls in boy’s rooms.

2. No eating in the rooms

3. No bad language

4. No impropriate behaviour

And lot of other rubbish rules.

We were on the zip wires this afternoon it was fun. After we had tea, chicken casserole, I didn’t like it.

Crime busting girls

Lauren D.Posted by Lauren D. 14 Jul, 2009 09:30PM

Mission One-Part 3

Anne is loosing her grip. The other two girls leap into action...

"Hannah grap my leg! If you don't she'll fall to her most cuton death" Shouted Lauren "Okay" replied Hannah, she grabs Laurens legs and slowly lowers lauren towards, Anne. She wasn't going to reach Anne. "Ahhhhhh"smiley Anne suddenly looses her grip. Lauren reaches out her hand and she grabs Annes hand "Pull us up Hannah" Hannah pull them both up. Anne hugs them both "Thank you both!!" Hannah is paying know attention at this point, she is bending down lookind at the rope "It's been cut" Explainded Hannah "Has it! Who would do that?" Said Lauren unexpectatly. All the three girls eyes fall on The Sargent. She starts to run.

She runs off onto the asult course, They all run after her, "quick get her!" Shouts Anne. They go up the cargo net and along the swinging bridge bridge without fear. " We must reach her before she gets to the zip line" Explained Hannah. Lauren runs off down the escape ladder " Where are you going?" Asked Anne "Don't matter keep chasing her she's getting away" Lauren shouts back. They keep running after the Sargent. She makes it to the zip wire, grabs the handles and start to go down the zip wire. Little did she know that Lauren was waiting at the end of the zip wire. She went down th zip wire and Lauren grabed her at the bottom.

"Who hired you to kill us!" Shouted Lauren down her ear "WHO!" "I don't know who hired me some crime boss person" Anwsered Sargent Ford Anne and Hannah joins Lauren. The proper trainers join them "good job girls, you pass with honours" Said one of them "We'll take her from here" Says another "come on let's get out of here" Saids Anne releaved They go back to the office. "Well Done girls, you caught a crimanal and passed the training camp" Gladley explains Frank

Crime busting girls

Lauren D.Posted by Lauren D. 25 Jun, 2009 07:43PM

Misson 1- Part 2

They start climbing the rope ladder, it is quiet high up, about 30 metres from the ground the first obstcule is a typerope with handrail

"here i go" Lauren said nervously smiley

"good luck" Wished Anne

Lauren start to go across the typerope, Hannah and Anne are cheering her on, she stumble,"you're almost there" Go on you can do it" She can here from behind her, lauren recovers. A Few more step and she makes it to the platform on the other side, Next hannah sets off across the precarious bridge. At first hannah's a bit uncomfatable she a bit wobbley. " Try to stay up right if you lean to far forward or back you will lose your blance" Shouted Lauren helpfully Hannah make across safely next is the clumbist of the group, Anne. She starts off well, when she reachs the middle. The rpope snaps catching anne totally unaware. Anne is clinning on to the rope Which she once had her feet on. She is clinning on to it for dear life. And Anne is loosing her grip.....

Crime Busting girls

Lauren D.Posted by Lauren D. 14 May, 2009 04:24PM

Mission 1- Training (Part One)

These three girls are all different in every way. Hannah's From trainsivianer but she speeks english, Anne is from Norwich and lauren is an australia.,

They have all been employed by this mysterious millonarie. " good moring girls" said Frank

"good morning Frank" Said the girls

"your first misson is to find the training centre and try to get along" Explained Frank "you have one hour to get to the training centre in our own way, and try not to get into trouble hannah and anne"

"what are the co-ordiates for the training Centre?" Asked Lauren

"sector E4 and it is called flying monkey training centre" replied Frank

"Thank you frank" anwsered lauren

they all went in there own way Lauren went by car, Hannah went by motobike and Anne went by bus (she wasn't trusted to drive)

Hannah and Lauren got there on time but Anne was half an hour late. They were met by Sargent Ford. The only woman trainer in the fercilatly.

"Good you all found it then, right you all nedd to get changed into these uniforms. And be back in ten minutes and also you call me Mame, Sargent or Sargent Ford. Got that you lot?" Shouted Sargent Ford

"Yes, Mame" They all souted togther They ran off to there quarters.

"They never get out of this training fercilaty, Alive" Sargent Ford said to herself

They all returned in there uniform (it is camoflarge). They had to get up every day a 5:30 on the dot, Be Showered and dressed by 5:45, And eat there breakfast by 6:00. If you are not with your trainer and warming up for the day ahead by 6:05 After all the days training you would have to do the a lap of the asult course!

"We are going to do the asult corse first, It's over there. Go on then it's no that far away. When you all get there I want you to work as a team otherwise you will have to do again and agian till you get it right" Explaided Sargent Ford.

They run over while Sargent Ford get in a golf buggy and drives over there. The asult course consestes of rope laders, high wire parts of the course, high hurdles, cargo nets and zip lines.

They arrive before Sargent Ford. "look sharp people and start the asult corse" Shouted Sarget Ford

The girls huddle round. "who wants to go first?" Asked Hannah

"I will" said Anne enthusiastecly

Lauren and Hannah "No"

"I will then" Lauren said

"Okay " Answered Hannah

Lauren starts to climb the rope ladder, followed by Hannah, then Anne.