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would you jump?

Hannah B.Posted by Hannah B. 19 Oct, 2009 04:26PM
It's me,James, but it is for the last time. I am going to tell you about the time that some one asked me, would you jump?

"Could you do it?Could you jump?"He aske, peering over the edge. I sat down, my legs hanging over the sheer drop of at least 200 metres, I was not scarred, I would have been 2 years ago but not any more I have nothing left to live for. As I pushed my self over the edge he reached out a hand to grab me realising that I was answering his question, but I ignored his outstreached arm, and let my self fall. I knew I had made the right decision, life was hard, and so were the the concrete paving slabbs that zoomed up toward me. I welcomed death with open arms. and thats and thats what happened when some one asked me,"Would you jump?"


Hannah B.Posted by Hannah B. 19 Oct, 2009 04:08PM
My name is James, and I am now maried to that girl who I realised I was in love with all those years ago, our marrige did not last though, not because we did not love each other but because she was snatched away from me. Now I am going to tell you about the time went to seek revenge.

He cowered in the corner, the tip of my sword rested against his neck, I was going to kill him for what he had done, what he had done to her. His eyes welled up and began to cry, knowing his fate he dropped his weapon. He was at my mercy, but I could not bring myself to do it, so I also dropped my weapon, and turned my back on him. Her death hurt me, hurt me more than you could ever imagine. My eyes burnt and I was filled with hatred every time I thought of him. Whenever I thought of her I wept, but I also remembered all the happy times, Us together. But I, I am no killer.

in love

Hannah B.Posted by Hannah B. 19 Oct, 2009 03:51PM
My name is James and and I'm going to tell you about the time I realised that I was in love

She looked up, looked up at me. She spoke, but I could not hear, my mind on other things, well, just one thing, her. As I stared in to her eyes i noticed they were shiny with tears, but I could not speak, could not comfort her, as I was lost, lost in the beutifull green orbs that were her eyes. They seemed to go on forever. I would have been happy to stay lost, her hands in mine, just us, together. Thats when I realised, I was in love.

I ran

Hannah B.Posted by Hannah B. 14 Jul, 2009 07:33PM
I ran, I ran
not one word did I utter, not one noise did I make other than the gentle beat of me running, not from anything inparticular just running, in some ways I was running from myself , I mean how could I go back after what I had done. I could't face them not after what I'd done I couldn't truly look them in the eye, I couldn't bare to see their faces
I ran, I ran
further and further away from home, I knew not where I was going only that I would not stop running for a long time, not stopping to eat, not stopping to drink , i deserved nothing, nothing. not even life. I fisicualy find it hard to harm myself, but now I will make no exseptions. I must pay for what I did, but not by rotting in the cells of a police staiton, no what I had in mind was much worse
I ran, I ran
I didn't know where or how to do it but I was going to do it none the less. It had to be painfull to make up for what I did. not just a gun or a peice of rope but something more something much more. I wish it could end differently but I am afraid its not going to.
I ran, I ran
fare well

creative writing exersize

Hannah B.Posted by Hannah B. 18 Jun, 2009 07:53PM
the crow flew down from the telegraph wire and perched on the edge of one of the many walls that belonged to the winstead farm in sulumor. the crow tightened its grip on the now crumbling wall and awaited the signal. three other crows swept down past him and the first of the three driiled its beak straight through the heart that belonged to a poor young man who was hitch hicking his way as far away from there as possible as a few towns along from here hell had broken loosewhen a man known as burehc had arived any one could enter the town he was situated in but no one had left since his the poor man fell to the ground the crow that was sitting on the wall sprung in to actoin ..............................5 miniutes later there was no sighn of any hitch hicker on this long and dreary road, just four slightly less hungry crows.they all suddenly scattered when they heared the sound of an engiene rumling down the path, it was a farmer who had seen every thingas quick as lightening he was on the roofof his tractor yelling and waving his pitchforkin the air, less than a second later there was no trace of any farmer or for that fact his tractor. winds howled and blew snow and ice over from erohpsohp. the crows thought it was ther lucky day because a car now sped up the road, inside was an old lady who also thought she could face the crows as she to was now on the roof of her car but armed not with a pitch fork and a great set of lungs but a machiene gun .each crow ducked dived and spun away from the bullets. and yes there were alot of them the ladys front passenger seat was filled with amunition. but eventualy the amo ran out and she had only one thin to use as a weapon and this was a verry battered umbrella.the crows thought it was there chance to strike but when they were about a metre away from her when the umbrella started to spin and shoot fire balls at the now startelled crows. this was a powerfull magican and they must dispose of her but she had masered the full power of the earth , sun and moon it would be hard but they would try the power serged through her and in the directoin of the crows
a nice but slightly windy day and an old lady standing on the roof of a car holding an umbrella which is spinning around and shooting fire balls what a dying memory

a poem

Hannah B.Posted by Hannah B. 18 Jun, 2009 07:09PM

sun risen, in the morn
the house all forlorn
fire burning in the grate
she were not to know her fate
her lover lying wth her there
wrapped round his neck is her hair fair
a poem lain apon the floor
and me so lonely at the door

Dolly the dog

Hannah B.Posted by Hannah B. 18 Jun, 2009 07:04PM
Dolly the dog and the glass of water smiley2smiley

out of no where apeared a young boy about 5 years of age. both men looked suprised at this discovery. which is when he spoke "whats your problem. "
both men looked at each other and the second one laughed "is this a joke your crazy i'm out of here. "
whithin a second there was a gun pionted at his head and the boy said " is there some thing wrong? your giving me the impression that you want to leave well you can go if you want i wont stop you."
good because i'm leaving."
" go then go to hell."
there was a single gun shot and there was one less villen in the world.but then his attention was turned to Dolly. but this time the boy spoke kindly" hello dolly or should i say aunti "there was a long scilence before the boy spoke again " i just wanted to meet you i have no otherfamily they were all so stupid but before i let you go you have to prove to me that you are not stupid what is 12 pluss 2"
"ummm umm umm umm ummm well urrrrrrrrr oh i know its obviosly wait 12 pluss 1 isss urrrr 13 and 13 pluss 1 isss urrrrrrr oh i get it now that question is soooooooooooo easy "
"well what is it then ?"
" its drummm roll please tdltdltdltdltdltdltdltdltdl 15"
dolly was dead

to be continued

dolly the dog

Hannah B.Posted by Hannah B. 04 Jun, 2009 04:33PM

dolly the dog and the glass of water

dolly the dog woke up to find herself on the floor!she got up and realised that she was not in her bed room, or for that matter her house!the floor was vibrating and dolly heard faint voices. it took her a while before she realised she was in a van. she opened her eyes wide to see well nothing. it was pitch blackand she started to panick and the people that she heard earlier seemed to notice because one of them shouted shut up. five miniutes later the van slowed down and dolly curled in to a ball in the corner but when she finaly looked up there was a gun pointed at her face and two men were talking or rather arguing

"what but you said he would be here"

"he will trust me just one more miniute"

suddenly out of nowhere appeared! to be cotinued

UR story

Hannah B.Posted by Samara W. 21 May, 2009 01:38PM

smiley i love ur story its great <3

dolly the dog

Hannah B.Posted by Hannah B. 18 May, 2009 03:58PM

dolly the dog and the confession

dolly woke from a troubled sleep. something was on her mind but she would tell no one.

you may already know this but dolly was a thief and she was planning to rob a local bank, but first she had to get ready. she changed out of her pajamas and into her robber outfit : black leggens, black top, black jumper and black trainers. she lay a black sack marked swag on her bed and went downstairs for breakfast. that morning she ate a big breakfast, she always ate loads when there was some thing on her mind. for breakfast she had three slices of bacon, two eggs, four sasauges and five ecstacy tablets(she also smoked two peices of canabis that were meant as a presant for her mother.) dolly ran upstairs and grabed her sack.

when she got back from her days work hersister was waiting for her, dolly hid her, now quite full, sack under her pillow. dolly's sister was called nancy, nacy told her that she knew somthing was wrong, but not what was wrong. it took a while for dolly to beleive that this was her sister and not a police woman in discise. when dolly finaly started to open up to her sister it was a bit emotional. tears were everywhere, and i mean everywhere. house was almost flooded by the time nancy found out it was something from dollys child hood coming back in to her mind and coursing so much distress. dolly said " when i was ten years old i did something, something i could never make up for. I stole something from our mother and I could never forgive myself for it."

"what, what did you steel"

" i i i i i stole a a a p p p peny from mums purse.........................

two days later nancy was in prison for attmpted murder. only one statement was issued to the press. " I tried to kill her because that was a special penny that penny was a shiny one."

dolly the dog

Hannah B.Posted by Hannah B. 14 May, 2009 04:18PM

dolly the dog and the killing spree

dolly had just read a news paper about murderer. he killed his best friend, but his friend had begged to be left alive . he wasnt. but this murderer was in the papers, he was famous. dolly wanted to be famous. she had an idea. ten miniutes later she was knocking on the door of andrew the sasauge. " come in i m in the kitchin " she forgot that doors open, she was suddenly standing in the living room, after hacking her way through the door. andrew walked in to the room " oooooooooooooo i like your axe"

" would you like a closer look " without waiting for an anser she did the same to andrew as she did to the door. ten miniutes and a blood curderling shreik later she was looking for the paperazi. she couldnt find them so she whent home to have a cup of tea. she decided this was not working so she came up with another idea. ten miniutes latershe was in the town square but she needed to find a crowd ,there was one out side the forum. within seconds she was in the middle of it and she was stripping. she thought it would make her famous, but it didn't quite do that. it made her infamouse

dolly the dog

Hannah B.Posted by Hannah B. 11 May, 2009 04:28PM

dolly the dog and the missing mushroom

dolly woke up one morng to realise that the sky was green and the grass was orange , thinking that she was just a little bit tired she stumbled down stairs and walked straight in to the fridge. she yanked the door open and sudenly remembered that her fridge had a slide open door and that she had pulled it right off its hinges, she searched for a while but what she was looking for had disapeared. it was her magic mushroom. she shakes her head and gulps down a bottle of milk .......... it took her a while before she spat it out, it was discusting, she looked down at the bottle, she chucked it on the floor, it was vegetable oil .... what was wrong with her this morning. she ran out of the house, holding her head, it wasn't until she reached the end of her road that she slowed down. she looked up, it was snowing. out of thin air ben the bull apeared and said hi. dolly thought that it would be a good idea to start a snow ball fight (she didn't know how wrong she was) in no time at all she had a large snow ball ready and waiting in her paw. she threw it. it was flighing through the air. that was when she noticed. what she had reacently thought to be a snow ball was realy a knife, but she had noticed to late, for already was blood spurting from poor bens heart.not thinking she ran, just ran. dolly realised all the strange and mysterious things going on all around her, she didn't dare to look. half an hour later she arived ata lake she sat down and breathed deeply, what on earth was going on. a lady walked over to her, she was crying, dolly asked her if she was alright, but she recognised this lady,it was the mother of ben, the bull that she had killed. she ripped off her dress th reveal a black, bullet proof vest and a pair of trousers covered in pockets which were filled with guns in every single one suddenly she heared police sirens but they were to far awayto get to her on time the bull was holding three guns, one in each hand (don't ask) she fired them all at once , but dolly was th clever she leaped in to the river. but some how a bullet manged to hit her in the stumache. everything whent black...............she woke up three days later in hospital. a police man stood at the foot of her bed. dolly asked what had happend and the police man explained. anne the ant had given her a drug filled mushroom to hide it from the police and dolly had eaten it and forgoten.they let her out of the hospital straight away. she asked the police what would happen about ben. they said they would take it no further because the didn't like ben..........the end