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I know it's been a while

Solomon HillPosted by Solomon Hill 21 Sep, 2009 09:51PM
Who ever said death was painful was talking out of their gigantuatly sized arse!

It's not Painful..... It's excruciating!!! ©

the following text contains potty mouth language, written comic violence and some horror parts so... yadda... yadda you know the rest. :D

dling... dling... dling... Another morning, another day. as far as Robert gray was concerned it was going to be a perfect day. Mr Gray is a 6ft, 35 year old, a bit wide around the waist. funeral parlor accountant who lived in the small village of Newbie (actual place). He was happy with his little office, his cheating wife, his slight come-over and of course his BMW M5.

As he left for work after eating a bowl of wheat-a-bix and a banana, he headed off to work on hill end road. by the time Robert had reached the B721, little did he know he had few minutes to live. As he turned into Greencroft wynd a fuel tanker crashed into the side of his BMW with such speed the BMW was nearly half the original size, as it was squashed between the leaking fuel tanker and a wall, the petrol gushed down into the car over Mr gray slowly, agonizingly, drowning him... screaming for his dear life anyone close enough could make out the muffled cries of J**** M***** F****** M*** B****** ANTI C*****!!!!!!!!!!

The petrol reached the sparking engine, flames arose but Mr Gray was half out the car! one brave man was pulling Robert out of the car in the process putting himself at risk. the car burst alight so did the two men and the tanker. a explosion loud enough to be heard in Carlisle caused catastrophic gray was sent flying onto the roof of a neighboring building as for the man he was not as lucky. He went catapulting into a stop sign impaling through his heart... death not so instantly.

However Mr Gray remained a burning mess on that roof for the next few hours until he was no longer recognizable as human he had died the moment the car caught fire. so why could he feel every nerve ending burn and sizzle away his eyes melt out of there sockets. The breeze through where his cheeks should be... but when you think about it it was inheritance, it's obvious when you realize who his great great grandfather was....

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by Solomon Hill
(part one of 3/4/5 haven't decided yet)


Solomon HillPosted by Solomon Hill 27 Apr, 2009 04:29PM

WARNING! The following text is quite gruesome and can be scary. Proceed at your own risk. The Librarian

A Normal Day

a normal day at a normal school, during a normal lunch, halfway through a normal sandwitch, the world stopped being normal and became the abnormal, the walls drifting further away. the temperature rising, rising now it is beyond barable, screaming filled all the ears of those around... well the few that have ears. the walls turned to steel it started to black out. the concusness left the body felling th pain. the blood boiled. skin melted rising in massive blisters and slowly releasing pus and gasses. now the brain boiled slowly oozing out of the ears and nostriles.then the concusness left completly but never fotgeting the pain...

always do good deeds help the needy and stop reading these grousome stories!!


Just a Taster...

Solomon HillPosted by Solomon Hill 27 Apr, 2009 04:02PM

WARNING! The following text is quite gruesome and can be scary. Proceed at your own risk. The Librarian

sorry about any spelling mistakes... This was written in a hurry. ENJOY ;)

Making a mark

tick, tock, tick, tock, that was almost every thing that was going through adrians head, every second it came closer, every second he gets further... but not enough. running just keep running he told himself. but it was a vain hope as he would get tired, his persuer would not. tick, tock, thud, thud, quiet. aidrian slowed a bit then the beast was upon him. Rpping his jacket off then slowly cutting open his back screams filled the air. Bood changing the colour of the road. then for the kill, a loud crunching noise stopped the screams. a severed head was held high, along with black and red spine... well half of it. swinging the spine by it tip around the beasts head, it let go and off flew the head, a beautiful yet discusting sight for all that would have saw. then the fun bit ripping limb from limb drinking the blood, toying with the body, once the beast was bored with the body it picked up the remains slung them ouver his back and pounced off into the darkness. blood spattering anything behind it. the beast had come to make it's mark, and oh boy had it!!!

By the Horror Addict