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Alicia BeavisPosted by Alicia Beavis 04 Jul, 2010 11:59AM

Part 1: Knives & Onions

Her iPod lay surrounded by a puddle of it’s own broken screen still blaring out ‘Wonderwall’ by Oasis. Sitting on a large chest of drawers was her Laptop: she was still signed into MSN. The duvet, once white, was now bloodstained by the lifeless body that rested there. It was a girl.

There was a large kitchen knife stuck in her and oddly enough an onion was the only thing separating the knifes handle from her chest: just where her heart was. Her face was frozen in horror with two dark blue eyes opened wide and still bright. Thick red liquid oozed from her mouth and swimming in a pool of blood was her long blonde hair. A hand reached for the knife and wrenched it out disturbing the body that now lay slumped against the wall.

Trickles of blood slid down her slender frame.

“Damn that was the last onion, I was looking forward to eating that! Well maybe if I wash it?”

He was rambling on. What a lunatic he was.

Part 2: Knives & Pies

The light refracted off the water and streamed in through the beach houses windows. Blood dripped from the knife residing on the kitchen counter. A devilish grin spread across his face as he stared down at the man’s deformed body lying in front of him. The man he just murdered.

He didn’t have any meat to put into his pie: he’d run out of beef.

“Hmm, I guess I could just use the meat on this man.”

He rambled on to himself as he strategically cut chunks of meat off the man’s body, being careful to remove all the fat then he thoroughly washed a bloodstained onion and cut it into slices to place into the pie.

He took pleasure in watching his oblivious family enjoying their supper. A home made pie he had cooked during the day.

What a twisted man he was.

Part 3: Knives & Blenders

Moonlit ricocheted off the wall illuminating the large living room. A young man was forcefully pinned to the wall by two jagged knives in his chest and lower abdomen. A large gash was cut through his neck with blood sliding down his body onto the carpet. The killer stood with his signature grin plastered on his face. Another kill to add to his tally but he was thirsty, that’s when another menacing idea crept into his mind.

Hurriedly he searched the kitchen for a blender and another knife. After about 10 minutes he found what he was looking for. Wandering with a calm manner about him back into the living room he strolled towards the man’s body and slowly, taking his time, he began to chop off parts of the man’s flesh and place them in the blender.

Eventually he had nearly filled the blender and decided that was enough. Quickly he searched the house for the nearest plug socket, plugged in the blender and patiently waited for the mixture to be diluted enough. He then went back into the kitchen to find a glass, once he found one he poured the mixture in and began to drink.

“Mmm such a delicious treat for all my hard work!”

What a psychopath he was.


More parts to go!


Alicia BeavisPosted by Alicia Beavis 03 Nov, 2009 07:28PM
An old soul creeping through life.
No beginning, end, comfort or strife.

Trapped in a shadow of darkness, lurking in the midsts of time.
It has no rhythm, it has no rhyme.

The clock is ticking but it doesn't age,
In the depths of history, it takes the centre stage.

Singing an illustrious, melodic tune.
It lasts forever but it's gone to soon.

A fleeting moment, something strong you must share.
You'll despise it viciously but caress it with care.

It controls your life more than you and I,
It will say hello as it says goodbye.

So time passes by but it still doesn't age!
It free's us in the same moment it locks us in a cage.

It will make you depressed yet feel sublime.
Love is so strong it lasts way beyond time...

Silent Angel

Alicia BeavisPosted by Alicia Beavis 15 Jul, 2009 02:11PM

A thunderous scream tore through the silence that engulfed the place as a woman was sent flying across the empty room. The thick, wooden table spilt into two at the force of her slender body slamming into it. She should have, at the least, broken a few bones, but she staggered to her feet. Blood was everywhere.

The woman had blazing blue eyes, so dark they could've been mistaken for black. The magic that she possessed was almost visible as the light hit her eyes, and made them change colour so much, it was hard to believe they were the same eyes a few seconds ago. Her bright, honey coloured skin complimented her thick black hair that was waving gently past her face, as a soothing breeze passed through the room. A deep voice was laughing and a man swaggered into the room with an evil grin plastered over his face.

"Looks like it's time to kill you, then your daughter. Would you like me to tell you what I'm going to do to her?"

"You bastard I will kill you before I let you hurt her!"

"Looks like I will kill you right now, then what will you do? I'm gonna break each of her bones individually. One bone at a time. Maybe I should keep you alive for now so you can hear her screams." A sickening laugh emanated from him, she flinched in disgust at the sound.

"Maeve, just give up. Let me have your power and put your own suffering to an end."

"Why? Don't tell me the big bad Reuben is getting tired of the chase."

"Play time is over."

Reuben plunged his hand into her chest and, happily, with a smile on his face, ripped her heart out. Her body slumped onto the floor, into as bloody mess.

Suddenly a purple and white light formed a circle just above her chest where her heart used to be, and Reuben stepped back in confusion. Never had this happened to him before. By the time he could re-focus that strange light had passed through the room, and glided out of the window. Nobody knew where it had gone, once he'd gotten to the window it had disappeared, an uncontrollable anger consumed him. He wanted her power more than anything and now it was gone from him, forever.

Chapter 1

Sweat poured off her brow as regular bursts off screams and shouts, joined the already busy sounds of the hospital. Heavy panting came as the doctor frequently requested that Eleanor push.

"I am! Can I get some more pain relief? This whole birth is truely painful." Her eyes were wandering around the room looking for the answer rather than waiting to hear it.

"You've already had enough, we don't want you to give you too much whilst you're giving birth, now do we?" The helpful nurse kindly replied, with a hint of humor in her voice at the sound of request she had so often recieved.

It had been four hours since her waters had broke, but it already felt like a lifetime, but now it was time. Time to give birth.

"C'mon, not long now." The doctor shouted above her screams.

He had thick, tidy, light brown hair with skin was so cool, it matched his personality perfectly. His skin was slightly tanned, not quite pale. His dark brown eyes were his most prominent feature, so dark yet so bright. A plain white shirt with with a blue and black striped tie, hugged his small yet muscular body, and his simple black trousers emphasised his small legs. He was called Dr. Davies.


Thirty minutes later and finally the birth was over, the baby was taken away, screaming and shouting like it's mother had not so long ago. Eleanor was happy, hearing the noises coming from her child meant it was, at least, alive and kicking, and pretty healthy from the sound coming from those two small lungs. A smile creapt across her face. She'd done it, she'd given birth to her little child, through everything she'd been through she's done it. Eleanor was just wishing that the child's father was here, that he could see this and know that his child was safe, but he was gone, never to come back. A mixture of tears of happiness, and tears of sadness poured down Eleanor's face; Her child was alive, her lover, the father, was dead.

In an instant everything changed, Eleanor was frozen in horror as a purple and white light entered the room, it was heading for her child. Her stomach dropped, what was happening. The doctor and nurses stood there with horror evident on there faces as it moved closer and closer to the child. No-one could move, they couldn't protect this young child from this light because no matter how much they willed themselves to move, they couldn't.

The childs screams came to an abrupt halt as it seemed to absorb the light. They could move again and they all rushed over. Eleanor tried but they wouldn't let her move from the bed, it seemed like an eternity had passed but it had only been a minute. The screams started again, it seemed to calm Eleanor, she knew her child was still alive. The doctors and nurses checked the child, thoroughly to make sure it was okay. Ten minutes later the nurse wandered up to Eleanor, child in hand.

"Congratulations, you've got a little girl. Don't worry we check her over and she's fine, nothing at all wrong with her, but what was that?"

"I-I don't know." She was speechless, this beautiful child was hers, and the child was okay.

Eleanor snatched the child from the nurse after whispering, softly, her 'thank-yous' to everyone. She looked into two dark blue eyes and knew her baby was special, she'd seen those eyes before. They were her mothers, Méabh, and they were her grandmothers, Maeve. Two people who were very 'special' in ways Eleanor knew she wasn't, but she never knew exactly what made them so 'special'. Eleanor wasn't like them so she wasn't allowed to know anything about it, she knew they didn't want it to be like that and it was for her own safety but what would Eleanor do now? Her daughter was special like them but they were all gone, it was only her and her daughter. How was she going to know how to deal with everything, when she didn't understand it?

Eleanor forgot her worries for a moment as, for the second time, she stared into her babies eyes.

"Méabh" that was all that escaped her lips.

The name that would be her daughters, forever now.

Freedom (Poem)

Alicia BeavisPosted by Alicia Beavis 15 Jul, 2009 02:10PM
This is just my point of view on things. It needs to be re-names so any suggestions & criticisms welcomed. Oh and it is a bit long.

Slaves encaged in pits of darkness,
Wondering how can people have been so heartless?
Causing almost insurmountable damage to our own kind.
Maybe a different colour, but not to see our own kind, you'd have to be blind.
That's when I realised this world ain't what it seems,
Filled with pain and suffering something we deem,
Unspeakable, chained within our minds to be kept from truth.
The people that see are fought against, outlawed and treated with disrespect.
We have to open our eyes and connect.
Get rid of this hate, pity and fear.
Move this world on, listen and hear!

I'm holding on to this feeling of freedom 'cause that's all I have left.
Taking away our own happiness, in a way similar to theft.
Stealing eachothers hopes to achieve in their lives.
Hiding behind the guns, the threats and the lies.
We'd rather be buying, lying and watch others crying,
Than to stand and fight, protect what's right.
It's time we got rid of this bullshit.
Governments only there to steal what they can get.
Cashing in on the social misfits.
We need to come together and commit,
Commit to the future we all share,
Read between the lines and leave the truth laid bare.
Hold on to our freedom 'cause that's all that's real,
Get on with life and let others feel what they feel.

The Burma monks being imprisoned and killed,
To get their lives and promises fulfilled.
They stood up for what was right,
But now they can't go out at night,
'Cause they don't know if they're gonna come back,
They don't know if they're gonna be fine or attacked.
All this goes on and what are we doing,
Sitting here complaining while their lives are in ruins.
Politics standing, watching with a smile on his face,
The way the worlds working is such a disgrace.
So hold on to your freedom while we still have it and you can,
'Cause you don't know someone's gonna come along and it will be banned.

Witches (Or something like that)

Alicia BeavisPosted by Alicia Beavis 29 Jun, 2009 10:20PM
A thunderous scream tore through the silence that engulfed the place as a woman was sent flying across the empty room. The thick, wooden table spilt into two at the force of her slender body slamming into it. She should have, at the least, broken a few bones, but she staggered to her feet. Blood was everywhere. The woman had blazing blue eyes, so dark they could've been mistaken for black, but the way the light hit them made them so light that the magic she possessed was almost visible in the change. Her bright, honey coloured skin complemented her thick black hair that was waving gently past her face, as a soothing breeze passed through the room. A deep voice was laughing and a man swaggered into the room with an evil grin plastered over his face.

"Looks like it's time to kill you, then your daughter. Want me to tell you what I'm going to do to her?"

"You bastard I will kill you before I let you hurt her!"

"Looks like I will kill you right now, then what will you do? I'm gonna break each of her bones individually, one bone at a time. Maybe I should keep you alive for now so you can hear her screams." A sickening laugh came from him, she flinched at the sound.

"Maeve, just give up. Let me have your power and put your own suffering to an end."

"Why? Don't tell me the big bad Reuben is getting tired of the chase."

"Play time is over."

Reuben plunged his hand into her chest and, happily, with a smile on his face, ripped her heart out. Her body slumped onto the floor, into as bloody mess.
Suddenly a purple and white light formed a circle just above her chest where her heart used to be, and Reuben stepped back in confusion. Never had this happened to him before. By the time he could re-focus that strange light had passed through the room, and out of the window. Where to nobody knew. Once he'd gotten to the window it had disappeared, anger consumed him. He wanted her power more than anything.

Inspiration (poem)

Alicia BeavisPosted by Alicia Beavis 29 Jun, 2009 10:16PM
Another random poem, haven't posted in a while so, going to post this 'til I finish a story/part of, to post.

Look inside & you will see,
That I am you & you are me.
We are all together as one,
Brothers, sisters, mothers,
daughters, fathers, sons too.
You are me & I am you.

When you go, I will grieve,
Grieve for the gap that you will leave.
For you are the inspiration & motivation,
That inspire others to aspire,
To be everything they can be.
Eventually inspiring me.

Another Random Poem

Alicia BeavisPosted by Alicia Beavis 02 Jun, 2009 07:13PM

I love writing poems with just two words on each line! Can't think of a title for this one, so any help welcomed. Anyways here goes, hope ya like!

Indecisive, Unclear
Confused, Amazed
The Unknown
Empty Inside

Watching, Waiting
Patience Failing
Walking, Talking
Listening, Aching

Searching, Looking
Deep Underneath
Hoping, Praying
Understand Grief

Words, Words, Words

Alicia BeavisPosted by Alicia Beavis 29 May, 2009 11:11PM

Just wondering is this even worth 'editing'!? Not sure it ain't all too good. Please let me know what you think, and feedback welcomed.

Words, Words, Words,
Everything I need;
Connecting with people,
Feeling what they feel.

Words, Words, Words,
Doesn't matter poems or songs.
Reach into my mind,
Deep into my soul.

Words, Words, Words,
Get me through the day.
Emotions seep through,
No matter what they say.

Words, Words, Words,
Something I truely rely on.
Release me.
Come heal me.

Laying In Waiting

Alicia BeavisPosted by Alicia Beavis 29 May, 2009 10:46AM

First time i've written anything in a while. Something new for once.

Laying in waiting;
Nightmares await,
The solitude in darkness,
That's what my mind creates.

I scream, I shout.
My body twists and it turns.
Knife through the heart;
I awake and return.

Living the day,
Fearing the night.
Building up the strength,
To put up a decent fight.

Trying to move on.
Trying to forget.
Trying to survive,
Living with this regret.

Captured by the past.
Held in my own cell.
Deprived of happiness;
My own personal hell.

Laying in waiting;
Nightmares await,
The solitude in darkness,
That's what my mind creates.

The World Around Me

Alicia BeavisPosted by Alicia Beavis 22 May, 2009 08:45PM

I figured, after reading this, I was angry at the world for some reason! I'm not really a good poet so don't be too harsh! Haha! Any feedback welcomed like always!

I live for the precious time we call today
To cast my crystal tears away
I live for tommorow
With its painful, heartfelt memories
With all of its sorrow

I feel this horror
Sometimes it turns to pure hate
Because of everyone in this world
Who has dared to discriminate
Though i'm sure we all have
Even if we won't admit the truth
We know it's still there

Through these deep dark eyes
I watch this world
Witness it crashing and burning
Slowly dying
How can i stop these tears, this crying?
It's all down to us
All our pitiful, selfish ways
Today the years of our lives
Are limited down to numbered days

Always expecting the worst to come and take us from this world
Many waiting for the angel of death to return
To take them to solitude and darkness

My vision is blurred
Im unsure of my directions
Yet i can still see
So much violence and anger
Deeply hidden in me

My heart is falling deeper into depression
I feel like i'm just a figure, a shadow
Only there to fill the empty spaces
All my daemons needing to be released
They need to be set free

Though this may be the case
I know i'm not the only one
We are never really alone
Someone else always stuck in this solitude we have created

I have to get it sorted
I know i have to get myself through
Living in this emptiness,This coldness
Whilst lives, lived out are aborted, thwarted!
Mine will still be going strong
I've got to move on!

A Kiss In The Rain

Alicia BeavisPosted by Alicia Beavis 22 May, 2009 08:42PM

Okay, so now we go into 'Alicia's random poems.' Haha! Yeah, i've never actually felt like this, just imagined,(I guess, in a way) which made me able to write it. I don't know why I did, but I did! Any feedback welcomed! Oh and yeah I know kinda a bit cheesy! But everyone has done it at least once.

Nothing compares to a kiss in the rain,
The only true thing that never fails to ease my pain,
Tears from the stormy skies,
Fall down into mine.

I look up to you perfectly beautiful face,
All the memories of us cloud my mind,
The times when life was a ferocious hurricane,
The confusion never leaving my world.

You smile, pure love surges through me,
Happiness consumes my soul,
My body trembles with feelings unknown,
Then our lips finally meet.

The clouds of darkness leave my world,
The precious sun brings life to me.
I pull away and look you in the eyes,
I know I can't live without you.

Nothing compares to a kiss in the rain,
Your the only true thing that never fails to ease my pain,
And when the next storm comes, it's time we start this all again.

Another Poem!

Alicia BeavisPosted by Alicia Beavis 22 May, 2009 08:33PM

Just want to get some feedback, and this is by far my least favourite poem that i've written. So much so I don't have a title! If you can suggest a title it would be appreciated! And yeah just any suggestions for improvement!

Open your eyes
Just realize
That love defies
Any pain that lies

Deep under the surface
Losing your loved ones, is it worth it?
It's your life don't curse it
Speak to me converse it

I'm here for you, i'll listen
These words right here i've written
To show you what your missin'
Smile, let your eyes glisten

Stop those tears from flowing
Be happy, there's no knowing
Someone could love you for showing
This life of yours your not throwing

Away into the darkness
I know your not that heartless
We can get you past this
Give you the strength to get a new life started

Your strong enough to get through
To live your life and pursue
The dreams you have and review
This painful life from which you withdrew

Me & My life!

Alicia BeavisPosted by Alicia B. 11 May, 2009 04:56PM

Well, I wrote this just after I came home from councelling, so yeah it is kinda like how i'm feeling. Well home ya enjoy!

There she sat on a large, cushioned chair, listening intently to the words being spoken to her. She was leaning forward, with her elbow resting gently on her left leg. Her body was arched forward and her hand covered her mouth, locking in the secrets to her mind that she desperately longed to tell, but the door to her heart was locked and somebody had thrown away the key. It needed to be found.

Nervously she listened to those words being spoken to her, but they were too 'close to home' for her liking, so she just avoided them with bouts of laughter and ignored the answers she desperately did not want to acknowledge. Then it ended; time to go home.

On the way home she was listening to 'Ain't no sunshine', her favourite, oh sorry I mean MY favourite song. Then it clicked, why this song was my favourite. "Ain't no sunshine when she's gone. It's not warm when she's away." That should be, for me at least "Ain't no sunshine when they're gone." They being my family and friends that take away the darkness from my already heavy heart. Then another realisation hit me. If I didn't get this problem sorted, if I didn't sort myself out then it would kill me. No, no, I wouldn't commit suicide or something crazy like that, but it would kill me emotionally, I would be a lonely wreck twisted to be cruel, and mean, and the pain within would never cease. To be honest I don’t know which version is worse living with pain or dying in pain. Well, I guess I have no choice, things MUST get better!

Just another random story!!

Alicia BeavisPosted by Alicia B. 01 May, 2009 09:03PM

I got bored one night and wrote this. Do ya reckon I should finish writing or leave it as it is? And also just any general corrections/ideas would be appreciated!

There he was, the man I loved most. We'd grown up together, we did everything together. He was tall and had dark brown hair with bright brown eyes. His skin held a slight golden tint to it that made him look even more handsome when the sun was on him and added to his dark complexion. Then there was his body, so perfect, and it clearly showed strength. His smile was amazing, two luscious red lips that were framed by dimples on either side, his eyes glittered in the most indescribable way. My heart jumped, just like it always did when I was just about to approach him.

My body trembled as I tried to control my myself in public, then his arms were wrapped around me. I closed my eyes, everything around me stopped. I melted into him; my head was pressed to his chest, feeling the muscles buried beneath his shirt. Heaven and I’d had twenty years of it, us both being twenty. A smile formed once I thought of everything between us and we sat down on our blanket.

We both had the day off work and were ecstatic about it, a day of just us and we spent it in the park just opposite from our house. Yes, yes, our house. It was two years ago when we moved in together, I mean we'd been together since we understood what the words girlfriend and boyfriend meant and even before, but that didn't mean our parents would let us move in together at any age below eighteen and that was only because they couldn't stop us. It wasn't like they didn't like us together it was just that we'd never been with anyone else. They said ‘how do you know you belong together so much, when you've never been with anyone else’ but we knew. It was the kind of thing you don't understand unless you feel it. We were meant to be.

A laugh escaped my lips as I watched him eat tortilla chips dipped in chilli sauce. It was adorable how he always put too much sauce on. His eyes were beginning to water almost as bad as mine, I’d laughed too much like I always did around him, and I touched his face. Quickly enough he grabbed my wrist and pulled me close, then kissed me playfully. I hated it when he did this, it was hard to keep my composure. It wasn't a problem in the privacy of our home, but we were out in the open. Don't get me wrong I made sure everyone knew he was mine and I loved him and I sure as hell wasn't embarrassed, it was just hard to keep it from going any further.

The day had gone by so fast I didn't realise until it got dark how late it was. We packed everything into the basket and proceeded to stroll home, hand in hand. I felt so amazing, so much laughing and joking, and happiness. I was with the man I loved and still had a little while longer before it was back to work.

We laid in bed, my head resting on his chest. Everything was perfect and I drifted off to sleep hearing his breathing and his sensuous voice telling me everything I needed, and indeed wanted to hear, and waited for morning to take me away from this paradise.


Morning came all too fast and before I knew it he was kissing me goodbye for the day. My heart sank at the thought of having to spend the day away from him, but soon it would be Sunday and we’d be back together again. Back were we belonged.

The day dragged on, second by second, minute by minute, hour by hour passed. Finally it was 5pm, time to go home I thought anticipating seeing the man I loved. Once I was home I began to cook tea. Our favourite; home made Lesagne. My stomach growled at the thought of eating this yummy food. The time was 6 'o' clock, just enough time to go rent out a DVD, 'The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button' everyone said it was a good film, so I thought why not watch it. If we didn't like it we could just watch normal TV, couldn't we?

When I got back it was 6:30pm, just a half an hour 'til he got back. The food would be done just in time, though it was hard to keep focused on cooking. So soon he would be back here but I wanted him here now. It felt like we'd been apart for days rather than hours. While I waited I decided to listen to my iPod, Tenacious D Tribute was playing, one of my favourite bands.

Time flew by as I listened to my playlist filled with Tenacious D, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin and Kings Of Leon. Suddenly two warm, familiar arms were wrapped around my body. I didn't need to turn around to see who it was, I turned and pulled his face towards me, tenderly our lips touched in a perfect kiss. His hand stroked my back from top to bottom making his embrace all the more relaxing. My phone interrupted the moment and boy was I annoyed. It was my mother, of course it was, who else could phone me at such a perfect time.

"Hi Kirsten, you with Max?"

"Hey yeah I am why?"

"Well I was just wondering. Can you come round I need to talk to you about your brother."

"Yeah, you two been arguing, again?"

"Yeah, I was just wondering if you could have him for a little while. He doesn't want to be here all he does is complain. Maybe if he lived with you for a while he'll calm down and sort everything out. So can you come over, now? Preferably without Max. We can discuss it with him later."

"Why can't he come? He lives here too."

"Yeah I know, it's just your aunt's here and you know how she feels about him. I don't want it to be like it was last time."

And with that I agreed, undisputedly that I should go without Max. He let me go without asking any questions. He knew when it came down to family I was stubborn. Before I left he gave me yet another kiss which started to change my mind, but still I left without him, something I would eventually be glad I did.

This Room

Alicia BeavisPosted by Alicia B. 01 May, 2009 11:27AM

Urm, well people seem to be writing good poetry, so I thought i'd throw mine into the mix. Not the best poem on here, but it was a challenge. "Write a poem with only 2 words on each line" I challenge you all to that too ;) Here goes:

Me you,
This room,
Deep pain,
No tears.

Eyes dry,
Heart crying,
No words,
Everything said.

Me you,
No more,
Loves gone,
Not here.

Both wronged,
Both shamed,
Never again,
The end!

Dreams, or something like that.

Alicia BeavisPosted by Alicia B. 25 Apr, 2009 09:02PM

Originally what I submitted for my english GCSE. I just edited it a little.

It's a bit twilighty but hey everyone else seems to be doing it so thought i'd give it a shot.

There he sat on a rustic, wooden chair, balancing on three loose legs. His thick, black hair was thrown to the right side of his head. His glittering green eyes focusing on the last few pages of the latest chapter in the tattered book he was reading, Dracula, one of the classics. The sun shone through the large window, illuminating his soft, pale skin; a soothing breeze flowed through the room like water flowing down a stream. The walls a gentle gold colour, framed his perfect body as he sat motionless, except for the occasional flick of his hand as he quickly turned the page.

The book landed with a muffled thud as it hit the small table that sat next to his bed. The sun was beginning to the set; the sky becoming a shadow hiding the world from evil. He strolled, slowly down the stairs to eat his tea; tonight he had rice with vegetables. The bowl matched the food exactly, a white base with greens and reds creating the pattern. He graciously got up and put his bowl into the sink after he had finished. He was never allowed to wash up since the last time when one of his mother’s favourite dishes ended up getting dropped onto the floor and shattered into a thousand crystals, covering the vast kitchen floor. He clambered back up the thick wooden stairs, and went back into his room to jump into his bed.


There she was. Simply beautiful, Something I’d never seen before. She had bright brown eyes, a muddy brown; they looked at me with so much love and innocence, I felt a smile spread across my lips. She was here for me. I reached out to hold her in a warm embrace; her long, wavy, auburn hair, swayed silently in the summer breeze, her skin was a perfect golden colour with the warmth of the sun beams adding to it‘s beauty. She was short, no taller than 5 foot. Her name was Eleanor Rose and even after 5 years of this I still couldn’t believe she was mine. We were at the beach. The sound of waves stealthily stealing the sand as it came in shore drowned out all the other sounds. The soft sand hugged my feet as we began to walk along the beach, holding her hand in mine. She was looking out to sea, watching the tide.

My cream coloured trousers were rolled up to my knees; my white shirt sleeves were folded up to my elbows. I couldn’t look at my shirt for long, the sunlight bouncing off it, made it glow. Bringing a paleness to my skin to emphasised my features. She was wearing light blue jeans; hers also rolled up to her knees with a simple white vest top, that made her eyes glisten in the sunlight. We stopped and I touched her face, I whispered softly that to her.

“We should be going back now”

“Yes of course”

And with that, reluctantly, we both left and began to walk home. Slowly. Still holding hands.

It was dark when we got to her road when suddenly a figure appeared from the darkness of the forest that lined both sides of the road. A tall slender man with long blonde hair. He looked so normal but danger lingered in the air around him. He wore an over sized t-shirt that was black, and jeans that fit perfectly. What was he doing here? Why was he in front of us? Why did he look like he was going to hurt us?

Then in an instant it became clear. His upper lip pulled back into a snarl; showing his two fangs waiting to drink our blood. My arms ripped away from her hand and pulled her body behind me. Her body trembled in fear; she knew we were in trouble. I caught a quick glance into her eyes, almost pleading with me to let her get hurt instead of me. I couldn’t let that happen. He darted towards me and threw me to the floor with such force I heard my neck snap and howled in pain. I heard her scream and land beside me, a scream I could never forget. He played with us both biting me, then her, again and again. I tried to move but I couldn’t. He whispered to us.

“You two love each other do ya? Well now it can be forever.”

“You bastard you. What have you done?”

A vicious laugh escaped his lips. Adding to sharp pain inflicted by speaking.
Suddenly I felt my body tremble violently as the pain surged through me. A pain I’d never felt before. What was happening? Surely I was dead? The pain abated leaving a new found clarity to life. I staggered to my feet and instantly looked next to me; there she was standing there, looking at me. She was different and she knew it, the look in her eyes mirrored mine. Shock. She knew what happened as well as I did, we were both vampires now. Yes we could be together forever but at what cost?

My eyes suddenly opened, my mouth was dry just like sandpaper. It was a dream; sweat glistened off my brow as the horror of what I’d seen began to release me. I pulled the heavy, thick blankets off my skin and began another day.


Alicia BeavisPosted by Alicia B. 24 Apr, 2009 08:10PM

Two red eyes glared back at me. A thunderous growl tore through the silence that surrounded me and this wild creature in front of me. I shook uncontrollably; unable to look away from those eyes that held my gaze. A large, grey wolf strolled out from the deep, darkness that surrounded me; it seemed to glide towards me. The beat of my heart matched every agonizing step the wolf took; the tension flew through my veins as freely as my blood. Suddenly a set of white fangs stared back at me glistening in the dim light that emanated from a small candle, flickering near the window; only briefly taking my attention from those eyes.

In an instant two shots darted through the room. A ferocious howl of pain filled the space around me; the last noise to come from the creature. The wolf stumbled to the floor, surrounded by a pool of blood. I dropped down on my knees and began to sob as shock had decided to let itself known in me. A man stood in the doorway, framed by the scene that surrounded him. A pistol was in his left hand loosely balancing on his finger.

Untitled & Unfinished no. 2

Alicia BeavisPosted by Alicia B. 24 Apr, 2009 10:13AM

Very descriptive

Her dark blue eyes slowly turned to the crooked window, as the wind whistled past on a dark winter’s night. She couldn't sleep; she closed her eyes only to daydream. This often happened to her. Insomnia. She always had that same dream, she dreamed of him. A tall, slender man with jet black hair and glowing green eyes. He was young, her age she guessed but he never spoke; only looked at her. He had a kind face and he was always sitting in that same old chair. A rustic, wooden chair covered by a thin blue blanket, like the sort your grandma might make for you. The room was of a fair proportion, in a simple square shape, with plain white walls and thick wooden floorboards. There was a dim light emanating from a small candle placed on the window sill, illuminating the left side of his face. His skin was so pale it was almost translucent, emphasising the green in his mesmerizing eyes and the black in his thick hair even more. He often smiled to her, a slight curve spreading across his thin red lips and a slight glimmer appearing in his eyes. Just at that moment that same smile spread across her lips.

She arose to the sound of rain pounding down onto the roof. She must have drifted off to sleep in the midst of her waking dream; she was refreshed despite the apparent lack of rest, and pulled the brown, heavy blankets off her smooth, sweating skin. Her feet gently pressed against the soft matting as she walked over to the window. She often looked out the window in the morning. She knew she was waiting for something, she often thought about what it was but she couldn't find the answer. At that moment the thought was banished from her mind as her mum's wavering voice met her ears.

She reluctantly left the window and began to clamber down the stairs. As she descended, she contemplated the view she had been admiring through the window. It had looked to her as if the world was covered with a thick blanket of snow; there were dots of green spread around the vast, empty space that surrounded her village. She couldn't wait for spring, when the snow would finally melt as if it was the world cleansing itself for another year of life. Spring would be when colour came back to the world, and most of all spring was when winter was gone. She couldn't bear the coldness of the bitter snow and the chill that always hung in the air. The thoughts abated as she felt the warmth of the fire. She sat down in a large rocking chair; it was swaying loudly despite the weight of her meagre body, creaking. She was short, with long brown, winding hair. Her skin was honey-coloured and soft to the touch; her beauty was far more extraordinary than anything anyone in the village had ever seen. She was quite the opposite to her mother, though they were both short her mother was more on the heavy side of things, with short, black hair and bright brown eyes that looked as though they could see right through you. Her skin light in colour and her hands made rough by endless years of hard work. Her mother rushed through into the room where she was sitting, and handed her a bowl of stew, with two thick slices of bread on the side. The bowl was very old, chipped with age and discoloured with the food stains of generations gone by. She slowly and graciously ate the soup, every now and again tearing a small piece of bread off. The soup tasted thick and every now and again a small chunk of chicken broke the salty taste that lingered in her mouth. When she was finished she strolled through to the kitchen and left the bowl on the side for her mother to clear up. She rushed to the bathroom, slowly peeling the clothes from her body; she shivered as her snow-like skin descended into a pit of warmth. The iron bath securing her body into place.

She had a long day, filled with all the bitterness of winter and the tough work she did at school. By the end of the day her mind was racing with numbers, letters and pictures. She wished she could break free, free from this world and the people in it she hated with a passion. There were always girls picking on her because they all knew she was more beautiful, more desired and most of all because they knew she would be more successful. Then there were their mothers, just as envious as them. She thought about this, as well as her bossy teachers as she drifted into her waking dream, then into a deep, relaxing sleep.